18. September 2017 - 6:00
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WIN the JAR Challenge | Frankston, Victoria | Monday, 18. September 2017

PyramidFIT ME is the first health & fitness Challenge of its kind.
It is Flexible - join ANY time and participate for 4-12 weeks.
The longer you stay, the more likely you are to achieve your goals and make an impression on your fellow competitors. This means your odds are better to WIN THE JAR of CASH!
For every 4 weeks each competitor remains in the Challenge, PyramidFIT will place $10 in the jar. The more people we have participating - the larger the cash prize will get!
The winner will be judged using a point system and silent vote towards the end of the Challenge (11th -17th DEC) by all challenge participants.
Criteria will be based on each competitors commitment to completing PyramidFIT workouts, achieving set goals, lifestyle changes made, enthusiasm, hard work, fat loss, improvements to strength and endurance, contibuting content to the private challenge group PyramidFIT HUB and overall documentation of their journey.

To join this Challenge, simply meet the following requirements:
+ Be willing to work hard to achieve your goals & share your journey with your fellow competitors
+ Subscribe to PyramidFIT HUB private Challenge Facebook Group
Sign-up options
> $8 Weekly payment for desired duration (min 4 weeks)
> $28 4-Weeks
> $48 8-Weeks
> $68 12-Weeks
+ Check-in for measurements in person every fortnight with PyramidFIT* throughout the duration of your participation. (*Option to check-in every 4-6 weeks if going to see John at Inspirology using InBody scan machine and participating for 8 weeks or longer)
You MUST have an initial weigh & measure within the first week of starting your Challenge participation.
+Participants must be using PyramidFIT programs either online, ****-to-**** or both. Participants must NOT belong to any other fitness group. Sporting clubs and Commercial Gyms are OK.

Being a low-cost subscription, this is very much a self-driven Challenge where I will be giving you tools to guide you in undertaking your own workouts and lifestyle changes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

- message me via my PyramidFIT page, email pyramidfit@gmail.com or text/call 0408777063

I look forward to having you in my biggest and best Challenge ever!