30. June 2017 - 18:30
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Veritas 2017: Catholic Youth Festival | University of Notre Dame Australia | Friday, 30. June 2017

Veritas 2017: Catholic Youth Festival with special guest & X-Factor Contestant Fr Rob Galea

VERITAS 2017 is a youth & young adult’s,13 -30 yo, event taking place this 30th of June to 2nd of July at Notre University Campus, Fremantle. Last year over 400 young people attended the event from across Perth. It’s about encouraging young people to seek the truth, discovering their purpose in life, developing a deeper relationship with God & being a game changer. With special guest Fr Rob Galea, Veritas 2017 is an event not to be missed.

$10 Registration for Friday night only
$50 Registration for the weekend pass - incl event bag & some meals over the weekend.

For more information & to register now go to

General enquiries contact CYM admin@
  • Hey guys! Any Freo regulars want to share their parking tips? Feel free to ask for/offer lifts too!
  • Woo hoo!! Exciting 2 weeks to go. Make sure you're registered & think about friends who wouldn't normally come along to this & invite them to join you for an AMAZING weekend! Click now to register... www.veritasperth.com
  • Sorry guys weekend got booked hope it's a good one
  • 2 things if you can do today in just a few minutes: 1. Veritas rego's - get them completed online by THIS Friday 16th June. www.veritasperth.com 2. Pope's survey for the Synod on Youth: This is for all 16-29yo (not just Church youth). It only takes a few minutes: https://www.catholic.org.au/youthsurvey You can win Dr Dre Solo 2.0 on-ear headphones if completed by 2nd July, 2017. Spread the word & share both of these with your friends today.
  • We're excited that you're joining us for Veritas. Make sure you fill out your registration by Friday 16th June. It only takes a few minutes: www.veritasperth.com
  • 28 Days to Go Before Veritas Youth Festival!! Featuring Keynote Speaker: Karl Brown with +18 Years in Youth Ministry! Also, Double Plus++ He has been a staff in the Theology and Philosophy Faculty at UNDA, Fremantle. For more information, log on to www.veritasperth.com! Registration closes June 16!! #veritasperth2017 #veritasperth #veritasyouthfestival
  • Check out this year's incredible line-up of workshops! For more information, log on to www.veritasperth.com #veritasperth #veritasperth2017 #veritas17 #veritasperth2017
  • All good things come in three's ;)
  • Still confused about what exactly is Veritas? We've got you covered. Here's a beginner's guide to Veritas Youth Festival 2017! Log on to www.veritasperth.com to register. #veritas17 #veritasperth #veritasyouthfestival
  • Hi guys. I sent an email to you about this months ago offering assistance in performance or other stuff. Fr Rob is awesome
  • Have you guys seen Mario and friends' Epic Adventure at Fremantle? Check out our latest Veritas Promo Video!
  • Wish I could go but I will be in Brisbane
  • So going
  • Who's excited?