10. September 2019 - 10:00 till 11:00
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Carers and the Carer Gateway Roadshow - Geelong #6609 | Kitchener House – Kherb Auditorium | Tuesday, 10. September 2019

Carers and the Carer Gateway
FREE sessions for carers by Carers Victoria
Understanding the new Integrated Carer Support Service 
The Australian Government has re-designed services for carers to better suit carers needs. Under the new arrangements, funding for existing services are being merged into a single Carer Gateway which will commence rolling-out in November.
Who should attend
The program is designed for families and carers wanting to understand the changes to Carers Services. 
Topics include

Understanding how carers support is changing 

Understanding when and how transition will occur

Introduction to the services and supports, and how to access them

For further information please phone Education Services on 1800 514 845.