16. August 2019 - 9:30 till 12:30
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Introducing the Conversation Code | Geelong Regional Library and Heritage Center | Friday, 16. August 2019

For many business owners sales can feel confusing and even a little scary at times! But the truth is, whether we like it or not, if we are in business we are in sales! So how do you remain completely true and authentic to yourself, avoid and icky sales tricks, AND gain maximum conversions? You learn the code! The code that allows you to take your prospective clients from a place of being curious about doing business, to compelled to engage with you. The code that is playing out in your buyer’s behaviour, and the code that is playing out in their sales conversation. The code of behaviour, and the code of conversation that allows you to avoid competing on price and avoid the dreaded (and ineffective) hard sell; whilst attaining maximum conversions. It's not Rocket Science, rather Human Behavioural Science, and it's worth knowing, because once you know the code, you know the rules of the game, and so you can play to win!

TESTIMONIALS from most recent Conversation Code Event:
 “10/10 A great mix of science -based behavioural insights with practical real-world examples & … practice.  Genuine business building skills”.
Tony Phelps, Director, Winch Websites
 “9.5/10 Awesome training!  Marcus has a great understanding & definitely does what he teaches.  Such important skills to have for anyone in business … the system to make sales simple” 
Kate Herford, Coach & Wellness Mentor
“10/10 It’s so great to combine this with the learnings from the ‘Behavioural Code’ … Just awesome”
Jason Burns, CPA and Wellness Mentor
“10/10 Highly recommended!!!  Convo Code … is a system that would benefit all business owners … at an authentic and genuine level”
 Genaya Hutchinson, Director, Support Strategies Bookkeeping
“Thankyou Marcus for your insight into sales, this is going to give me more confidence talking to the big boys – I look forward to investing in more training with yourself”
 Simmone Burns, Director, Your Clean
“10/10 A great day leaning the 5 Frames.  Being able to sell from the heart which aligns so much with what I am about”  
 Matt Hart, Director, The Growing Man
 “10/10 Great course, loved it!  I had my ‘Ah Ha’ moment and it felt good … will be back again to refresh”
 Anna Natonewski, Director, Nevermind Adventures