27. August 2019 - 12:00 till 13:00
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VR & Location Based Entertainment | Creative Geelong Makers Hub | Tuesday, 27. August 2019

Location-based entertainment is LBEs are the next big thing in the world of emerging technology. In shopping centres, cinemas and parks across the world a hybrid combination of Virtual Reality and small amusement ride is appearing that delivers rich experiences in small spaces. The wave of home VR is yet to deliver on its promises but the same technology has found a home in stand-alone public experiences. LBEs use a century of knowledge from the amusement park, the theatre and the cinematic arts but how can this trend be used to create meaningful and progressive experiences for the entire community?
Hear from Joel Zika a lecturer at Deakin University who is a new media artist and VR designer. He specialises in projection design, VR experiences and illustration for private sale, public space and retail environments. Joel's work inhabits a world between memory and fantasy, combining influences of the Tasmanian Gothic with Neo-Baroque sensibilities. 
This event is proudly suported by the Victorian Government's Digital Innovation Festival.