13. November 2020 - 8:30
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MODERN HYPNOSIS WORKSHOP | Mantra Legends Hotel | Friday, 13. November 2020

Have you ever wondered about Hypnosis and how it can affect lives?
Do you want to learn about Hypnosis and be able to induce others and yourself?
Have you ever wanted to experience massive change within a matter of minutes?
If you said yes to any of these questions, then the 3-Day Hypnosis Certification Workshop is for you.
If you already know about this training and are ready to make massive change,
What is Hypnosis?Hypnosis is a scientifically verified and effective technique that can create change in certain behaviours including smoking, weight loss, stress reduction, motivation and pain control. Hypnosis can promote accelerated human change.
What is Hypnosis Training?The Modern Hypnosis Workshop facilitated by Sharon Jurd is an accelerated program that will teach you how to stimulate desired changes in behaviours and encourage mental and physical well-being.
This is a very ‘hands on’ experience where you will be guided through Hypnosis Techniques that you will be able to utilise with clients immediately after the training.
You will be a fully accredited Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy, if you wish, after the completion of the course. All you have to do is read through our suggested material and complete an open book written test within 2 months of the course and you will be fully certified.
You will find that you can use hypnosis successfully after only one weekend.
You will be guided by Sharon Jurd, a top presenter and fully qualified Master Trainer and Master Coach through a 5 Step Learning Series of:

Real life Practice

This is a workshop style environment where you will not be listening to boring lectures or videos. Instead you will participate fully in this interactive environment. You will learn by doing.

Quit Smoking
Performance Enhancement
Eliminate Stress
Instant Induction
Arm Levitation
Pain Paradigm
Anchoring Positive Emotions
Suggestibility Testing
Post Hypnotic Suggestions
Pre-Induction Interview Techniques
Awakening Techniques
Deepening Techniques
Hypnotic Inductions


3-Day Hypnosis Training
Hands on practice from day 1
Comprehensive Manual
Support from an Experienced Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Coach
Practice of Techniques, not just hearing about them

Full Ticket Price: $1,497.00 AUD
Early Bird: $697.00 AUD
Groups of 3 or more: $497.00 AUD per person