09. July 2020 - 9:30
Gympie, Queensland, Gympie
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Young Warrior Leadership Camp | Thursday, 09. July 2020


The Young Warrior Leadership Camp helps young people be the best they can be, and equips them with skills to grow into balanced, loving humans.

Young people want to test themselves. Parents naturally know this , and this desire to test often comes across as testing their own (and others') boundaries - mistaken for disrespectful behaviour.

When we are young, we all want to know:

- How strong we really are,

- How much adventure we can really handle, and

- What our personal capabilities really are.

Ancient culture and modern psychology agree that for a child to grow and develop into a balanced, well rounded, resilient and ****** being, they need approximate 20 quality role models from whom to learn.

The Young Warrior Project helps develop RESPECTFUL young people who want to POSITIVELY CONTRIBUTE to humanity.

We use the Warrior archetype to help us connect with certain character and energetic traits, which are necessary for a BALANCED *****.

Our programs create 'family solutions'. We don't believe parenting is hard work, and we don't believe it's appropriate for you to expect us to 'fix' your young person. Because there is nothing wrong with them, and there is nothing wrong with you!

Sometimes it just feels difficult because you're not speaking the same language, and you don't know how to effectively communicate with one another.

That's why our program includes a half-day workshop for parents on the final day. We discuss the concepts the young people have learned, so you can return home with a lexicon you can ALL understand, which increases harmony in your family.


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