18. August 2020 - 11:30 till 14:30
Australian Capital Territory, Hall
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Sacred Union Ceremony | Tuesday, 18. August 2020

Sacred Union Ceremony

You are Sacred Beyond Measure!

When was the last time that you felt your Divinity?

A Sacred Union Ceremony is your gift to yourself..


To be held in Awe, Reverence and Holiness..

Beheld as the Sacred Being that you are.

You will connect with your inner Sacred Masculine & Sacred Feminine Energies and feel your own inner Sacred Union.

The Ultimate Self Love.


Your feet will be bathed in roses..

Your body anointed with sacred oils..

Your heart held in the essence of unconditional love.


With this embodied life you have been entrusted .

An ancient gift passed from ancestor to ancestor - culminating in your heart, your hands.

You breathe in the centre of an ancient spiral.

Reach deep into the legacy of your ancestors.

Open fully to the vision of your future.

Life is the ritual.

You are the Ceremony.

This is a 1:1 private ceremony for you.

Your Sacred Union Ceremony is conducted by Kelly Wolf.

Kelly is the founder of Sacred Union Yoga and Dance, a Sensuality Coach, Sacred Sexuality Teacher and Motivational Speaker.

Kelly has cultivated a deep connection to her personal practice. Her priestess presence, devotion and depth invite you into an atmosphere of real transformation & genuine sacred magic.

Your Sacred Union Ceremony is 3 hrs. These Ceremonies are offered in the ACT and on the South Coast of NSW. Location given upon booking.

There are only FOUR Ceremonies available in the ACT between June and October 2020.

Are you ready to honour your divinity?