14. July 2020 - 19:00 till 20:30
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Hall
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Session 6: Peer Group Supervision: Community Identity | Tuesday, 14. July 2020

Session Five: Identity

*Community Identity of Your Practice

*Group Learning Skills

*Community Learning Principles

*Community Education Patterns and Discourses

*Referral Identity

All agenda will have

1) Acknowledgment of Country

2) Professional Accredited Record of Meeting

3) Summary of Discussion

4) Actions and Shared Facilitation Contribution (Catering, locations and etc)

Depending on costs for hosting we will accept donations where required otherwise it will be FREE.

5) Groups will allow three missed sessions otherwise for healthy function of the psycho education group it will be closed with consistent member attendance.

Who is it for?

Peer Support, Counselling, Social Work, NDIS, Mental Health Nurse and more. If you're in a paid, unpaid or related space and provide support to others this is the place for you.

It will be a 10 month focussed series that is provided with direct practice, community up to influencing policy.

The group will hold up to 12. Once it surpasses 12 we will form another group.

Each group will have boundaries / rules related to confidentiality, respectful discussions and healthy dialogue. It will be the only group in the ACT that will allow a diverse view on impacts in service delivery.

If you have questions about the group dynamics please contact us. Our aim will be to have 2-3+ peer workers, 2-3 counselling / social workers and 2-3+ case workers, mental health nurses and etc that currently are looking to Practice locally.