01. September 2019 - 11:00 till 12:00
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Body Art for Children @ Kids Art party | Wanha Satama | Sunday, 01. September 2019

Body Art for Children @ The Kids Art Party
Following its successful transition into a global brand, the Tatinis Art Show comes to Helsinki this year under the theme Hope; Peace; Love at the Wanha Satama building from the 30 th of August to the 1st of September 2019. The Kids Art Party is part of this event.
Tatinis Art Show Helsinki in collaboration with artist Amethyst Heart invites you to an body art workshop for children
Makeup is no longer just a beauty expression; it has evolved from stage to special effects in films to expressing your creativity with **** and body painting on social media. What happens if you marry traditional art and beauty together? Learn how you could use cosmetics as tools and your skin as a canvas to create an artwork with a professional creative makeup artist. Join Mia, who is affectionately known as Amethyst Heart as she lets you experience using make up to create something from your imagination onto your skin. 
Topic: Draw a flower, a leaf or a tree, cat and a rabbit on your hand
Age: 5 years on
Duration: 1 hour
Art Material : Included as part of the workshop
About Amethyst Heart
Mia or better known as Amethyst Heart, is a Singapore based artist who uses skin as a medium for paintings. Originally a nail and beauty makeup artist, she spent the last 5 years exploring the human **** and body through her paintings. Mia’s works focus on character transformation, patterns, landscape, and nature. Additionally, she is a creative content producer who does short videos on social media.