01. March 2018 - 8:00
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NgVikings 2018 - The legendary Angular conference in the Nordics | Finlandia-talo | Thursday, 01. March 2018

ngVikings 2018 is a web front-end developers conference to take place in Helsinki (Finland). The talks and workshops will be mostly about Angular and other technologies related to the Angular framework.

The website:

ngVikings is a non-profit, Nordics web developer communities-driven event organized by:
- AngularJS Copenhagen
- GDG Copenhagen
- AngularJS Oslo
- AngularJS Gothenburg
- ngAarhus
- ngStockholm
- Angular Finland
  • 🎉Yay! We started our ticket sales! Early Bird tickets for just 190 EUR and Student tickets with almost 50% discount! https://ti.to/ngvikings/2018 🎉