01. September 2019 - 11:00 till 12:00
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Print Making @ Kids Art party | Wanha Satama | Sunday, 01. September 2019

Print Making @ The Kids Art Party
Following its successful transition into a global brand, the Tatinis Art Show comes to Helsinki this year under the theme Hope; Peace; Love at the Wanha Satama building from the 30 th of August to the 1st of September 2019. The Kids Art Party is part if this event. 
Tatinis Art Show Helsinki in collaboration with ArtMoi Studio invites you to its creative workshop, "Alike But Not the Same!", An art program for kids exploring a fun printmaking method that emphasizes on design, color, and the visual plurality of its results. 
In this workshop, we encourage kids to be inspired by the works they encounter in the show, familiarize themselves with basic printing techniques and appreciate the likeness and differences produced by the print making process. 
Language : English and Finnish language.
Age Group: 3 years old and above (ages 3 - 5 will need to have a parent or guardian to assist). 
Art Material : Included as part of the workshop
See you there! Let's print away!
About ArtMoi Studio
ArtMoi Studio is an emerging creative venture focusing on Art, Experience and  Learning. Currently collaborating with Harjun Nuorisotalo, a youth center in Harju run by the city of Helsinki, the studio's concept is to offer kinetic or moving workshops and events around Helsinki and Espoo. We supplement programs in organizations and communities by assessing their creative needs. ArtMoi Studio provides continuous art programs for all age groups and events-based art activities. 
We at ArtMoi believe that everyone has varied interests in the use of materials and subjects. We have different ways of working and learning. Our teaching strategy involves personalized approaches towards learning art. We work with our student's strengths and find ways to improve on their weaknesses without neglecting the fun aspect of art. 
Allen Damzel Centina - Tejado & Karina Angelika Kosasih - Founders / ArtMoi Studio