03. April 2019 - 8:30 till 12:00
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PRODYNA Experience Day in Helsinki | Scandic Hotel Simonkenttä | Wednesday, 03. April 2019

Most people would claim that “User Experience” is all about making users happy, and they’re right. However, most of us just think about the presentation aspects of UX when dealing with the topic.
We claim that at least three very different aspects are crucial to a positive UX in the enterprise. Creative ideas and brilliant front-end is one. Insight generation using knowledge graphs to deliver what your users want is the second, and cloud native applications permitting global delivery and high performance reliability is the third. It’s the combination that drives the experience.
Kourosh Nazari is a Senior UX/UI Designer at PRODYNA and will talk about how customer experience can drive technology.
Darko Križić is Co-Founder and CTO of PRODYNA. He will present Knowledge Graphs as the key for handling complex data and generating insights that were never possible before.
Florian Assmus is Chief Architect at PRODYNA and will talk about Cloud Native Computing being key for delivering a brilliant user experience at scale.
Q&A sessions will follow the short presentations, so you can have a word about the special requirements and challenges of your company to get helpful tips and tricks.

08:30 am: Registration, coffee and breakfast

09:30 am: Welcome

09:45 am: User first – Utilising User Experience to drive the solution

10:15 am: Knowledge Graphs - Key for handling complex data and generating insights that were never possible before

10:45 am: Cloud Native Computing – Key for delivering a brilliant User Experience at scale

11:15 am: Summary and Close

11:30 am: Coffee and networking

12:00 am: Official end

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