15. February 2018 - 15:00
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Tango Frostbite 2018 | Kaapelitehdas | Thursday, 15. February 2018

The 7th International Festival of Argentine Tango

Neri Piliu & Yanina Quiñones (ARG)
Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragón (ARG)
Paulina Cazabon & José Luis González (CHI)
Pasi & Maria Lauren (FIN)
Leandro Roco (ARG) folklore

Live Music:
The Ville Hiltula Quartet (FIN) f. Martin Alvarado (ARG)
Leandro Roco (ARG)

Alexandra Kotelnitskaya (UKR)
Jasmin Muranovic (CRO/AT)
Jenni Valli (FIN)
Bernt Drange (NOR/FIN)
Alisa Zurmutai (LAT)
and more

Registration for workshops starts on 15 November 2017.
  • The registration for workshops is open! We are proud to invite you to our 7th Tango Frostbite festival! Program includes our amazing maestros Yanina Quiñones y Neri Piliu, Clarisa y Jonathan Tango, live orchestra Ville Hiltula Quartet f. Martin Alvarado and DJs Alexandra Kotelnitskaya, Jasmin Tango, Jenni Valli and so much more...! <3 :) Workshops - www.frostbite.tango.fi/workshops Registration - www.frostbite.tango.fi/registration Työpajat - www.frostbite.tango.fi/tanssitunnit Rekisteröinti - www.frostbite.tango.fi/rekisterointi Video music - Ville Hiltula & Tangueros Articos - "Gallo ciego"
  • Introducing the DJs for Tango Frostbite 2018: Originally from Croatia and now a resident of Vienna, Jasmin DJed at the Tangosauna marathon in 2017 and is returning to Finland for Tango Frostbite. What else do we know about him, except that he is a great DJ with a big, warm personality (and that yes, Jasmin is a man's name in Croatia as he keeps explaining to people) and that we are excited to have him play for us at the Friday night milonga? Let's ask the man himself. WHO ARE YOU, JASMIN MURANOVIC? "I started dancing tango in Vienna in 2005. The music was the main reason for that, but I never thought that I could become a DJ. I started playing music because the organizers of local milongas asked me to replace a local DJ who was moving. Luckily I had a whole summer to prepare myself and in September 2013 I was ready for my first set. For the first two years I was Djing almost exclusively in Vienna but then I started getting more invitations from abroad. Some of the events I have been invited to as a DJ: DJ Festival Tango Remolino, Lodz Tango Salon Festival, Flores de Invierno, Tangosauna, Tango D’Amore Festival, Bratislava Tango Party... I’m in love with tango music and there is lots of passion for what I’m doing. During my Dj set the most important for me is to trust my feelings while choosing every tanda and cortina. My task is to create the best danceable mood and use the energy of the dance floor to get more and more inspiration."
  • The third couple we want to introduce to you is Paulina Cazabon and José Luis González from Chile! They are coming to Tango Frostbite for the first time but have been working in Europe for years and are known for their warmth and effortless style and grace both as teachers and performers. We are looking forward to seeing them in Helsinki in 2018! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF2Hrj2jQ0Y
  • Winners of the Mundial de Tango (in the tango de pista category) from 2015, Argentinean dancers Clarisa Aragón and Jonathan Saavedra have thrilled international tango audiences for the last couple of years with their playful energy, elegance and musicality. We are proud and excited to welcome this young couple to Tango Frostbite for the first time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm5HFiEy9YY
  • Visitors to this year's Tango Frostbite already know this Argentinian couple and remember their fiery virtuosity and sense of fun. They will again be teaching and performing at the festival in February 2018. Welcome back to Helsinki Yanina Quiñones and Neri Piliu! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJW8FXeV_sA