15. February 2018 - 20:00

Tango Frostbite 2018 | Kaapelitehdas | Thursday, 15. February 2018

The 7th International Festival of Argentine Tango
in Helsinki 15.-18.2.2018

All events at Kaapelitehdas, address Tallberginkatu 1, 00180 Helsinki
Sunday Farewell Milonga @ Pressa-Klubi, Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4
More information:

Neri Piliu & Yanina Quiñones (ARG)
Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragón (ARG)
Paulina Cazabon & José Luis González (CHI)
Pasi & Maria Lauren (FIN)
Leandro Roco (ARG) folklore
workshop schedule:

Live Music:
The Ville Hiltula Quartet (FIN) f. Martin Alvarado (ARG)
Leandro Roco (ARG) folklore

Alexandra Kotelnitskaya (UKR)
Jasmin Muranovic (CRO/AT)
Jenni Valli (FIN)
Bernt Drange (NOR/FIN)
Alisa Zurmutai (LVA)
Marina Rusakova (EST)
Emma Murros (FIN)
Jani Keinänen (FIN)
Alejandro Jaime (ARG)
Kristian Salikoski (FIN)
Jaana Hänninen (FIN)
Janne Ranne (FIN)

Festival program:
Registration for workshops is open!
  • After Party is waiting for you! 💙
  • Thank you, dear friends. You warm my heart each time I come to Helsinki. Until we meet again, probably after the frost gives way to spring and beyond....
  • LOST SOMETHING? Don't worry, it happens! This photo is from yesterday so our collection of lost items - next to the Tango Pop-up Café & Store - has grown and is even more impressive than what you see here! If you own one of these things come and get it, for valuables ask the reception.
  • Today *different locations for Sunday evening! Workshops: www.frostbite.tango.fi/workshops, Kaapelitehdas 12:00-18:00 Day Milonga, Turbiinisali, Kaapelitehdas, DJ Jaana Hänninen / DJ Jani Keinänen 18:15-19:15 Tangoteatteri Kiuta: Último - Tango Frostbite Festival, Helsinki, Valssaamo, Kaapelitehdas - 21:00-02:00 Farewell Milonga, *Pressa-klubi (Hotel Presidentti, Eteläinen rautatienkatu 4), DJ Jenni Valli + la ronda de los maestros 02:00-07:00 Afterparty, *El Ático (Kumpulantie 1), DJ Marina Rusakova
  • One more chance to see Tangoteatteri Kiuta: Último - Tango Frostbite Festival, Helsinki on Sunday at 18:15! This deeply moving performance only lasts an hour but we promise it will stay with you for a long time. Ask anyone who was there on Saturday! https://www.facebook.com/events/163503270936461/
  • Argentine Tango Beginners Course B in El Atico with Nadia and Daniel.
  • Thank you all for the beautiful feedback this afternoon. Kiitos very much to Antti and Janne!
  • A table for items lost and found is downstairs next to the café! / Löytötavarat löytyy alakerran kahvilan vierestä!
  • Today at Kaapelitehdas WORKSHOPS www.frostbite.tango.fi/workshops 12:00-18:00 Day Milonga, Turbiinisali, DJ Alejandro Jaime / DJ Janne Ranne 18:15-19:15 Tangoteatteri Kiuta: Último - Tango Frostbite Festival, Helsinki, Valssaamo - 21:00-02:00 Gala Milonga, Pannuhalli, DJ Alexandra Kotelnitskaya + Ville Hiltula Quartet & Martin Alvarado, show Yanina Quiñones & Neri Piliu, Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragón 02:00-06:00 Afterparty, Turbiinisali, DJ Alisa Zurmutai
  • Tervetuloa kahvilaan, olemme valmiina! Welcome! We are ready at the pop up cafe.
  • GETTING AROUND There are plenty of connections between Kaapelitehdas and the centre at the weekend: you can get there and back by bus, tram or the underground. There are buses from Kaapelitehdas to the Kamppi bus station through the night, and afterparty animals may wish to know the underground stops running at night but starts again at 5.30 in the morning! If in doubt Google maps is your friend, and here is a link to the Helsinki journey planner: https://www.hsl.fi/en. Ask the reception if you need help! Taxis: call 0100 0700 (international +358 100 0700)
  • Today at Kaapelitehdas WORKSHOPS: www.frostbite.tango.fi/workshops MILONGAS: 12:00-18:00 Day Milonga, Turbiinisali, DJ Kristian Salikoski / DJ Ville Hiltula - 21:00-02:00 Friday Milonga, Pannuhalli, DJ Jasmin Muranovic + Leandro Roco, show Paulina Cazabon & José Luis González 02:00-06:00 Afterparty, Turbiinisali, DJ Emma Murros
  • ARE YOU HUNGRY? You already know about the Tango Pop-up Café & Store, don't you? Here is some information about Hima & Sali, a café/restaurant located at Kaapelitehdas. Hima & Sali is open every day until the evening. In the café you'll find fresh pastries from the restaurant's own bakery, sweet as well as savoury ones. On Friday breakfast is served from 8.30 to 10.30am and lunch from 11.00 am to 2.30pm. At least two of the daily lunch options are vegetarian. Lunch prices also include a salad buffet and the bakery’s fresh sourdough bread. If you are in a hurry you can choose lunch to go. On weekends Hima & Sali serve a soup & salad lunch in the café from 12.00 to 4.00pm. https://www.himasali.com/english/
  • In our way to Helsinki! 😊❤️🎉
  • Estamos llegando!!!
  • Tonight 19:00 -> Registration desk at Kaapelitehdas 20:00 - 02:00 Opening Milonga, Kaapelitehdas (Turbiinisali), DJ Bernt Drange + show Pasi & Maria Laurén
  • You may not see them but they see you. Our experienced Finnish-Greek-Russian team of photographers have taken many pictures at Finnish tango events over the years. All social dancers themselves, they know how to capture fleeting tango moments and turn them into lasting memories. Their presence will be discreet, not distracting, and you will be glad to have the photos to remind you of the weekend afterwards. But wait, first we'll have to go out and live those moments! See you tomorrow! Meet the Tango Frostbite 2018 photographers: Janne Ranne, Mixalis Georgopoulos, Oleg Golubev
  • DEAR GUESTS, REMEMBER to bring some cash with you! Unfortunately we cannot accept card payments for the moment so if you want to - buy a milonga ticket or a milonga pass (those you have already paid for will be waiting for you at Kaapelitehdas) - see Tangoteatteri Kiuta: Último - Tango Frostbite Festival, Helsinki - sign up for a workshop on the spot - it's not too late! - have some coffee and refreshments at the pop-up café you will need to have some cash at hand. Naturally the Kaapelitehdas restaurant Hima & Sali accept credit cards during the day, and they will provide bar services at the evening milongas. There will be no bar at the afterparties but we promise some snacks for the hungry dancers! The nearest ATM can be found at the Ruoholahti metro station. More about Hima & Sali: https://www.himasali.com/english/
  • Hi! I’m arriving on Thursday evening, can I pick up my milonga pass at the milonga entrance?
  • The smell of fresh coffee before/after day milongas and/or workshops...with gorgeous tango clothes and shoes on display as you sip that coffee... Sounds not only delicious but highly dangerous! You may step out of our pop-up café not only refreshed but wearing a new pair of shoes or something divine for the evening milonga! Enter at your own risk. Clothes and shoes by Tango Room, Tango Plus, Tomira - Irina Nekrasova, TangoPiantao Carina y Arttu & Maria Elisabet Lauren from Friday to Sunday. https://www.facebook.com/events/189269451674883/
  • TANGO FROSTBITE ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR WORKSHOPS ENDS tonight at midnight! Sign up for group lessons, solo technique or Argentinian folklore... There are also tickets left for Tangoteatteri Kiuta: Último - Tango Frostbite Festival, Helsinki. After Monday 12th you will be able to register for workshops at the registration desk at Kaapelitehdas from 15 February. Tickets for milongas will be available at the door and you do NOT have to register beforehand unless you want to get a milonga pass for the whole weekend. Only 3 days to go! We are so looking forward to meeting you, Paulina & José Luis! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtiYz3-PHDkhttps://www.facebook.com/PaulinayJoseLuisTangoSalon/videos/1954660511450249/?hc_ref=ARQ1AIpN6P_UVkPo9CDD9KGHnGE3rJsVSPwiwBkRuu-1fHI-2Yl_t76Fnmioorl4CqE
  • LIVE MUSIC on Friday night Chacarera and other Argentine folk music will feature on our Friday night programme along with tango performed by our guest teachers Paulina Cazabon and José Luis González and tango danced by YOU on a smooth laminate dance floor. And if that's not enough dancing there will be an afterparty until 6 am! The musicians providing us with a unique opportunity to hear Argentine folk music played live at Tango Frostbite are Leandro Roco​ (guitar and vocals), Clara Petrozzi (violin) and Javier Ramirez (bombo). Leandro Roco will also perform folklore dances with his partner Laura Havu. Don't forget you still have the chance to sign up for Leandro's dance workshops: chacarera and zamba. No previous experience or partner necessary! frostbite.tango.fi/workshops Video from 2017, dance by Leandro Roco & Laura Havu, band performance starts at 10:30: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKUJx7eL1Ng
  • How about a massage? Imagine you've been dancing for hours, with or without high heels. Tension in your shoulders? Sore feet? Then imagine the strong and gentle hands of a massage therapist working her magic on those tired muscles... Maybe you are getting ready for a weekend of tango and simply want to feel as relaxed as possible. For acute problems or just a lovely little treat for yourself, book an appointment with our massage therapist Laura for anything between 15 and 60 minutes according to your wishes. A dance teacher herself, with an extensive knowledge of bodywork, Laura Kairamo is studying massage therapy and will be at Kaapelitehdas to take care of you during Tango Frostbite 2018. Call or text +358415167773 or ask the reception for available times.
  • Tangoteatteri Kiuta: Último - Tango Frostbite Festival, Helsinki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQapyvi04zM&