28. February 2020 - 9:30 till 16:30
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How To Write A Book - 1 Day Course | Halkin | Friday, 28. February 2020

Do you have a burning desire to write a book, but just aren't sure where or how to start? If this is on your 'to do' list in 2020 (and maybe it's been on your todo list for some time) - then join us on this 1 day workshop which will coach and guide you through how to get your book written.
We cover our CUBAN System - which takes you through the entire book writing process... from Conceptualisation right through to Next steps.
Writing a book is something many people dream of doing (some research suggests 70-80% of people would 'like to write a book' someday), but far fewer actually manage to start, let alone write one. To have a book to your name can elevate your status to expert in your chosen subject or field. The benefit of this being that people (potential clients) will search you out, instead of you chasing sales. You would be invited to speak and hold a captive audience and increase your fees as a result.
In some professions / industries, a book isn't just a 'nice to have' its almost an expectation!
We'll show you where / how to start, how to structure it and how to get in done. Your course leader is Simbo Nuga PhD, MA, MBA, PGCE, BA(Hons) who runs a book publishing company. Simbo has a background in business, coaching, financial management and education. She enjoys writng practical consumer education books. 
 You will need:
1. A burning desire to write (or complete a book you've started)

Materials provided:
Pens and notepads will be provided.

Halkin Business Centre is located in a recently refurbished building above Watford Junction train station

Tea and Coffee will be served on arrival  and lunch is included in the price. 
You can bring a friend  who will pay half price.