17. September 2020 - 8:30 till 16:00
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Tame the Tiger – Negotiating Using the 36 Chinese Strategies | Education Development Centre | Thursday, 17. September 2020

About the 36 Chinese Strategies
The 36 Chinese Strategies (derived from Sun Tzu’s – The Art of War) are described as the keys to understanding Chinese thinking. Most Chinese people know and unconsciously use these strategies to negotiate and communicate in their daily life. To function successfully in the Greater China Region, it is crucial to know how to recognise and respond effectively to the 36 Chinese Strategies. As well as dealing with the Greater China Region, the 36 Chinese Strategies are useful in any negotiating environment.

This workshop is ideal for anyone

Doing business in China or with Chinese people
Curious about what it takes to do business in China
Wishing to improve their negotiation skills and enhance their strategic thinking

Workshop Content

How to react when the 36 Chinese Strategies are used on you by Chinese people
How you can use the 36 Chinese Strategies when negotiating with Chinese people

An understanding of ‘****’
An understanding of ‘Guanxi’
Knowing when ‘yes’ really means ‘no’
The significance of Chinese hierarchy
How to pronunciation Chinese names such as ‘Xu’ ‘and ‘Zhang’ correctly

A structure you can use for negotiating in any environment

What people say about Leonie’s 36 Chinese Strategies Workshop
“I can’t tell you how much you have given our family and me personally through your insights about the 36 Chinese Strategies. Understanding how the 36 Chinese Strategies are applied in Chinese business culture was the lightbulb moment which has led to such revenue growth, opportunities and personal growth. This has been one of the great, exciting professional and personal journeys and achievements of my life”. Thanks again. Richard Dolan, CEO, WINES BY: GEOFF HARDY

Adelaide Zoo

“Leonie’s 36 Chinese Strategies workshop is a game changer. The information shared not only provides insight on how to systematically approach business with China, but provides a grounding that can be used for everyday relationship and negotiation management. Leonie is engaging as a presenter and her extensive experience and knowledge in this field is an amazing resource to be able to access”.
Dr Phil Ainsley, Director Life Sciences, Adelaide Zoo

Australian American Fulbright Commission.

"Leonie’s The Art of Negotiation – 36 Chinese Strategies derived from ‘The Art of War’ workshop delivered at the ‘Australian Institute of Company Directors’ challenged conventional thinking".
Peter de Cure, Chairman, Australian American Fulbright Commission

Workshop Presenter - Leonie McKeon, China-Educated Strategist
Leonie is an international author, workshop presenter, business consultant and keynote speaker who presents on ancient Chinese negotiating skills known as the 36 Chinese Strategies. Leonie shares her deep understanding of the 36 Chinese Strategies by providing invaluable practical tips for business people looking to improve their overall negotiation skills, and become better negotiators with Chinese business people. For more about Leonie visit: www.leoniemckeon.com