12. January 2018 - 10:00
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**** 2018 | Hobart & Launceston, Tasmania | MONA FOMA | Friday, 12. January 2018

**** 2018
Launceston 12–14 January
Hobart 15–22 January
**** 19–21 January

‘Touch me and you’ll burn’.
—Margaret Atwood

Tickets on sale now: http://monafo.ma/fbevent-mofo2018
  • Gotye Presents a Tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey | **** 2018 Friday 12 January, 9pm SOLD OUT Saturday 13 January, 5pm + 9pm Albert Hall, Launceston BOOK NOW > http://monafo.ma/fbevent-gotye
  • Which day will you party? Day Passes on sale now.
  • Day passes will be on sale from 12pm. Love **** **
  • Will there be a dark ****?
  • 🔥🔥🔥
  • I have booked my flights to be in Hobart from 17th-20th January. This means missing out on Violent Femmes but there's a bunch of other interesting stuff to see in any case (though I don't know most acts) but potential to change flights might still be worth considering. For your perusal.
  • Dress code?
  • Not sure what the reason behind the move to launceston Is but I believe Hobart should partition to keep It here where It belongs. David Walsh has done Hobart extremely proud, let's show him just how PROUD
  • Read somewhere that this is the last **** foma in Hobart. Why change it? Dunno why anyone would rather go to Launceston in the middle of January
  • Oh no! Launceston weekend is the same weekend as Cygnet Folk Festival! :-(
  • Oh No ..If **** Foma is moving north please bring Hanggai back to say goodbye to Hobart. Wonderful memories of a fantastic family evening of fun and dancing.
  • Will be going to anything in Hobart!