13. October 2024 - 15:00
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My 30th.. | On The Moon | Sunday, 13. October 2024

umm.. so yeah, just planning ahead.. i like to be organised.
let's see if i even talk to half of yous by then.. or remember this.
the party lasts for a week.. be prepared.
BTW, people.. dont get your hopes up, this event most likely will not happen.. or you wont be invited ;)
its called 'distraction from study'
  • Keen
  • Guys just putting it out there, all you people saying drinks on me and that you're having pres... I'm going to hold it against you. It is happening... ;) hehe.
  • I'll have pre drinks guys
  • can't believe this was made over a year ago haha
  • I don't expect presents guys xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
  • I'm getting a tingly feeling it's getting so close <3
  • Soooooo keeeeennnnn!
  • I'm not sure what to buy you yet?
  • Keen !
  • Drinks 'r' on me
  • keeeeen !!!
  • hahaa i was just going threw my event list and this was the last thing on there, i did have a little laugh to myself!
  • Now that it's on the moon, I definitely wont be able to make it. I'm scared of flying.
  • Everytime I check my events this always comes up.. not going to lie, each time I see it i get a little bit more keen <3
  • It's getting that close, it's ridiculous.
  • Jordan Neighbour, youve been uninvited..
  • I think I'm busy
  • il be dead by then sorry.
  • Getting close...
  • i forgot about this.. one big party :)
  • can my kids come?
  • i
  • one the moon is very long im coming but who is coming with me....???
  • so many random people I don't know attending..
  • um wait a minute 2011 from 2024.........you sure you want a geriatric at your Partay