27. November 2018 - 14:00 till 16:00
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Outside In: How the youth sector supports school re-engagement of vulnerable children in Tasmania | A Lab at the Peter Underwood Centre | Tuesday, 27. November 2018

This roundtable discussion will begin with a presentation of new research which explores the barriers to school access and participation for vulnerable children as they are encountered and responded to by youth workers in the community sector.
The audience – including professionals from a range of government agencies and education and youth services – will together think through the policy and practice ramifications of the research for the community and education sectors. Particular focus will be given to the school support needs of unaccompanied homeless children.
The roundtable discussion opens opportunity to consider how school re-engagement led by youth workers can be better supported. Further, our central concern will be to think through what is needed within the education system to strengthen responses to the significant engagement and learning needs of vulnerable children in Tasmania.