10. February 2018 - 13:00
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Stand in Franklin square and hum | Franklin Square (Hobart) | Saturday, 10. February 2018

So stand and hum
  • Someone has to film it and post it for all the people that can't make it.
  • I'm a keen bean
  • How long will the humming go on for??? :0
  • I want to go but I'll be like 15 mins late :-((
  • So pumped! Get ready everyone!
  • So pumped! Get ready everyone!
  • Is this even happening today😂?
  • So hyped
  • Is there a purpose for this or is it just a get out there event?
  • I always wonder if these events are for real. Would be awkward af if I rock up and was the only one humming. Cc: Niamh
  • 6😈6😈6
  • Is there a specific frequency that is to be hummed? or a specific tune? because if there aren't any guidelines for the hummage, it will be a torturous cacophony of rumbles.
  • Great way to celebrate my birthday lmao.
  • How is this so popular?
  • There should be more events like this!
  • WhY?