06. May 2019 - 18:30 till 20:00
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Mindfulness Meditation with Max Gin | Happiness U | Monday, 06. May 2019

Often in life, we become so used to the daily appearance/existence of things (both in the physical and spiritual realms) that we begin to stop even noticing them. Mindfulness is the ability to bring back the awareness of what is happening both inside and around us. It is an intuitive system of mind training and self-exploration. By improving concentration and intuitive awareness, one can:

Achieve physical relaxation
Have more control over thought processes
Increase tranquility and the ability to deal with stress
Heal, physically and psychologically
Have enhanced spiritual development

With practice, one can connect the mind and the body to stay centered in the present and experience life to the fullest.

About Max
Max Gin has been practicing meditation for 30 years. His teacher is the renowned, Nyingma Tibetan Buddhism scholar, Master Tam Shek Wing. Max has been the president of Vajrayana Buddhism Association of Hawaii for the past 20 years headquartered in Toronto Canada. He was ordained as an Acharya (a guide or instructor) in 2005. He has been a guest teacher for the Mindfulness Meditation class at Happiness U for 5 years, helping students to stay centered, manage stress, and experience life to the fullest.