30. September 2019 - 17:30 till 19:30
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MATES Youth Mentor Training - Evening Sessions | Wimmera Southern Mallee LLEN | Monday, 30. September 2019

Welcome to Youth Mentoring training (evening) and thankyou for considering becoming part of a young person's future! Whether your relationship with a mentee is formal or informal, you will find that mentoring is personally rewarding and can have a big impact on a young person's life and future aspirations. 
This comprehensive free youth mentor training has been developed in collaboration between local regional stakeholders and nationally recognised consultant Emma McCarthy. It forms part of the MATES Mentoring Program and the Victorian Government's investment in the local Connecting the Service Puzzle initiative.
The training series will cover topics specifically designed to provide positive role models who Mentor, Assist, Target, Engage and enhance the Skills (MATES) and life experiences of young people within our communities. 

In session 1 (September 30th), participants will cover the foundational learning necessary to become a Youth Mentor within the MATES Mentoring In-School Program. Participants will enhance skills to actively build and maintain a mentor relationship, provide an insight into young people and challenges faced, as well as provide engagement tools, techniques and strategies. 
Sessions 2 & 3 have been designed to provide additional skills and understanding for mentors of young people who may have more significant and complex needs and behaviours such as the young people participating in the Horsham-based youth justice diversion strategy, Connecting the Service Puzzle.
Session 2 (October 7th) will see participants covering the culture of disadvantage, strengths versus deficits, child abuse, trauma, challenging behaviours and strategies and techniques to support young people. This session also reflects on substance use (alcohol and other drugs) and what is meant by harm reduction.
In session 3 (October 14th), participants will be guided through the escalation cycle and aggression along with tools and strategies for de-escalation. We will also touch on ******* and self-harm, and look at the need and strategies for self-care and personal safety. In conclusion, participants will be taken through the stages of planning a mentor relationship and reflect back on the policies and procedures including the code of conduct, incident reporting, resources, and the process of matching.
Please note:
*Some information provided can be considered provocative, offensive and may cause emotional distress for some people. If you have concerns with the topics to be covered, please contact WSMLLEN prior to the training on 5381 0122. 
**Before commencing mentoring, volunteers will be subject to pre-mentoring checks which includes a Working With Check and a referee check, and may include a Police check. 
The training provided may be suitable to support other programs, community initiatives, or people working directly or indirectly with youth. Other interested parties should contact Wimmera Southern Mallee LLEN before attending. Youth Mentoring in Horsham and the greater Wimmera and Southern Mallee region is a key community priority.

Wimmera Southern Mallee LLEN Mallee Building, Federation University 289 Baillie Street, HORSHAM VIC 3400 Tel: (03) 5381 0122 MATES Mentoring Program