25. April 2020 - 13:00 till 17:00
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The agent search + query letter intensive 2020-120 | Inprint House | Saturday, 25. April 2020

Join a former literary agent (with 20-plus years of publishing experience) for an informative, candid, no-holds-barred class on finding the ideal agent for you, including tips for writing a compelling query letter—and how to navigate the relationship once you’ve found that perfect match. The first half of the class will cover everything from understanding the industry today, knowing when and what to query and submit, identifying the most promising agents to approach for representation, avoiding the pitfalls that lead to rejection, asking the right questions before you sign with an agent, and most everything in between. The second half of the class will be a query letter workshop. Each student will have the opportunity to send their query letters to the instructor ahead of the class and will receive written notes from the instructor alongside in-person feedback from the instructor and fellow students. (Students may opt to not send a query letter but still may attend this workshop session).