30. March 2018 - 11:00
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Anime Matsuri XII | Anime Matsuri Convention | Friday, 30. March 2018

Join us for our 12th annual event for Japanese animation, cosplay, music, fashion, games, exhibits and much much more!
  • We have expanded many aspects of Anime Matsuri, like Tabletop Gaming. There will be at least 8 tournaments throughout the weekend. Check out the link below for details.
  • Can we have enough pretty boys? Say Hello to KILLER KING from B-PROJECT.
  • 2018 will be a big year for Tabletop Gaming.
  • Look Gina!
  • Meet the boys of MOONS! Love those outfits!
  • Say hello to the boys of THRIVE from B-PROJECT.
  • I need to go again this year
  • Luis Quintanilla
  • I hope I can go and I finally have my naruto akatsuki oc ready also hope to meet akidearest
  • Get ready for B-PROJECT at Anime Matsuri 2018!
  • Will the sailor mon musical be there again?!
  • Holy **** the tickets are expensive. $60 for Saturday is lame.
  • Swallowtail Butler Cafe from Tokyo is back for Anime Matsuri 2018, adding to the unique experience of the convention. P.S. Convention badges go up on November 1. Do not hesitate to get your badges quickly.
  • Dance is life.
  • New for 2018! We've been working on this for a while so we can finally announce it. Thank you for the love and support!
  • Let's get this party fired up!
  • Austin Sutch round two. and also, Sarah Mitchell can we finally dress up as Cloud and Tifa?
  • I'll have been gone by then😫😫😫😨😭
  • Hello Puddins Help out this amazing Harley quinn click on the picture for your like to Count and comment if you like her harley quinn :D she needs as many puddins as possible so make ur Vote count click on picture and like
  • Hadi Hussein
  • Lightning Cosplay from Germany will be making Anime Matsuri more spectacular in 2018.
  • Looking for artists in Houston, be specially those affected by Harvey! Get at me!
  • Are you ready?!
  • Josh Nguyen are you going to pick me up daddy