30. March 2018 - 11:00
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Anime Matsuri XII | Anime Matsuri Convention | Friday, 30. March 2018

Join us for our 12th annual event for Japanese animation, cosplay, music, fashion, games, exhibits and much much more!
  • Talented Japanese voice actress Akiba Yuri Announced as Special Guest at Anime Matsuri 2018!
  • So no more overwatch voice actors?
  • They are coming back for more and bringing the Kpop vibe to Anime Matsuri Convention 🎶
  • Be sure and check out my table in Artist's Alley in the HouPop section of Anime Matsuri Houston. I have original art from my comic strip from its current newspaper run in publications across the US. I have a ton of original art, prints, buttons and, oh yeah, I take commissions. Check out my event page for more details and preview some cool stuff. https://www.facebook.com/events/248944672307677
  • Andres Eli Garrido
  • ¡Nuestro héroe de la infancia esta aquí! Dale la bienvenida a Mario Castañeda, la voz de Goku, nuestro primer Actor de doblaje Latino Americano presentándose en Anime Matsuri Convention
  • You can experience the most famous Butler Cafe in Japan at Anime Matsuri! <3 A must do if you love tea and handsome butlers! ;)
  • Who doesn't want to have their photo taken by the best Cosplay photographer in the world? ;)
  • Are there any promos,discounts or Groupon this year for AM? Any partnership with Mariott for discounts?
  • I'm looking for hotel space in time for anime matsuri. If anyone has a spot open and is close to the *** please pm me.
  • This would be a cool mix for an anime, what do you think?
  • Hello I have a question I pre reg my tickets to AM but I won’t be able to go. is there anyway I can still sell them and have someone else pick up the badges or no? Cause they will be useless 😞
  • Price increase for badges is tomorrow at midnight. Get yours quickly!
  • Diego Avila ***
  • Tiffany Jones here you go. Also hello guys. I plan to make an appearance at your fine event .
  • I have a space available in my hotel room for the convention and was wondering if there would be anyone interested in the room. Please PM me if seriously interested.
  • Sailor Moon fans UNITE!
  • Get your teams ready for battle!
  • Anyone want the VIP pass? Unfortunately I cannot go this year but I already got the ticket. Sell it as the price I got. If anyone be interested just message me.
  • Diana Pham Christina Luu
  • Hey i have a hotel room for the *** at the Hilton it's a one bedroom i was thinking about going by myself but i don't think i can pay for the whole room myself so if anyone want to share a room with me and help pay for it message me
  • FEMM live in concert! Let's dance!
  • Anyone else going the 30 and 31 cosplaying as a Disney princess?
  • Are we getting Tokyo Attack this year?
  • 2 questions: 1. Is it too late to apply for panels? 2. If not and we're approved, will we still have to pay for badges?