24. March 2020 - 18:00 till 21:00
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Fiction 2020-102 | Inprint House | Tuesday, 24. March 2020

This workshop will examine the ways in which detailed and exuberant setting can foster story. An activated environment connected to the land, water, air, and city can serve as an integral foundation for plot, character, and tension. With this focus we will read and analyze published short stories by established and emerging writers. In our in-class generative writing, we will sharpen our skills through imitation and innovation. Through workshop critique of writer’s works-in-progress we will support each other in our risk-taking. Although we will concentrate on setting, the course will also investigate other tenets of short story writing, including but not limited to character, clock, point of view, story structure, and diction. This will be a great class for those trying to write for the first time as well as those that have been writing for some time.