14. January 2020 - 18:00 till 19:30
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Post Xmas Clutter Busting Workshop @ Inglewood Library | Inglewood Library - City of Stirling | Tuesday, 14. January 2020

Cluttered home? Overwhelmed? Don't know where to start?
Stirling Libraries have engaged Kerry Pond, from Homes Revamped, to run multiple workshops for our patrons to learn how to declutter and get organised - this is our first one for 2020. 
Join us at Inglewood Library for our Clutter Busting Workshop to find out about 'the clutter effect' and why it affects women more than men. And why 'declutter your home, declutter your mind' is easier said than done. 
This workshop is packed (but not cluttered), with advice, tips and tricks to get you started on your decluttering journey. Practical, insightful and often humorous,  Kerry will give you the information and inspiration you need.  
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