30. October 2019 - 10:00 till 11:00
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RaKa Dance. - Movement & Fitness Class | Wellstrong Collective HQ | Wednesday, 30. October 2019

RaKa Dance is a new and innovative way to create a healing space within your body. A Low-Intensity fitness we use movement, sound, music, and fun, we learn to identify things within our body and allow them to be released through the power of movement.

Our body needs to move to keep our mind healthy, find body balance and allow spiritual growth. With so much stress and pressure in our world, this modality was created from a place where trauma and injury needed to be healed.
As we CONNECT with our body, ourselves and others we can learn to recognise stress, pain, and imbalance within ourselves and find ways to RESTORE so we easily ELEVATE our energies. We truly have the power within to shift our own system with some guidance and tools.

Instructor-Led Classes
Gentle Dance Fitness
Stretch our bodies
Engage our voices
A mix of Music Genres
Variety of Modalities
Easy dance combos

Increase flexibility

Builds strength

Gentle effective exercise

Enhances energy flow

Releases old blocks

Assists emotional wellbeing
Dance,Qigong,Yoga, Breath and Vocal Work
Balance mind body spirit

Each of us has the spirit inside us that emits a light as great and bright as the sun.  To connect to your light, your spirit, your soul is by simply engaging in heartfelt joy. RaKa in Sanskrit means Sun Spirit so let us lift our RAKA baby and Dance!