15. February 2018 - 18:30 till 20:30
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Real Talk Real Change IX: What the Health Are We Doing?! | The Vision Center | Thursday, 15. February 2018

Our Topic - What In The HEALTH Are We Doing?!?

Panelists - @Faye Johnson of Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition, Sequoyah Lindsey-Taylor of ASE Assets, Mike Sell (Concerned Citizen), and Michelle Angelique Poitier of Healing Women Healing Nations of NE Florida Inc.

What - Real Talk... Real Change is the largest annual community dialogue in North Florida. Held in Jacksonville, Florida every year since 2009 this event takes topics crucial to the community and brings about meaningful change in mindsets through authentic dialogue by local and national subject matter experts and regular fold alike. The event is always FREE to attend and is brought to you by E3 Business Group, Inc - Americas, E3 - NF Chapter Members and Eagle Soaring Management Inc

Our Topic - These days we are seeing so many issues around health and an increasing ignorance in understanding the difference between one's health and overall wellness. We will be talking about the current state of our people when it comes to living and ways to change the mindset and actions for individuals, families and communities.

This dialogue will tackle all aspects of health (emotional, physical, mental) and also look at various areas of wellness (family, financial, relationship, community) Local organizations will be represented to help attendees channel their energy into meaningful action.
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  • 4 Days and counting! Make plans to witness this event... shout out to Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition for their promotion of this event! http://nefhealthystart.org/calendar/real-talk-real-change-ix-what-the-health-are-we-doing/
  • If you care about health and love 3 people bring them out to this event!
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  • RTRC DIALOGUE - What in your opinion is the difference between your health and your well being?
  • BREAKING NEWS - RTRC SPONSORSHIP OPPS OPEN!! Jacksonville, FL - Eagle Soaring Management Inc released the updated sponsorship opportunities for Real Talk... Real Change IX "What The Health Are We Doing?!". The 9 year old dialogue and advocacy event, largest annual event of its kind in North Florida, continues to bring tough topics and citizens together. This year opportunities are available for Title ($325), Event ($225) and Panelist ($125) which include some unique exposure for the brands of local entrepreneurs and organizations focused on better health and wellness in Duval and surrounding counties. "What makes sponsorship with E3 events different is that we understand what type exposure matters and bring value which far exceeds the minimal investment." comments E3 International Director A M Butler Sr Each includes a exhibitor spot, inclusion in a community swag bag, and E3's exclusive 365 push marketing to almost 14,000 individuals. "E3's sphere of influence is much greater than people realize. Many of the event organizers attempting to emulate our model either were exposed to it by an E3 event or one of our entrepreneurs... unfortunately trying to do what we do and understanding why we do it are two very different things." For more information or to become a sponsor email sales@eaglesoaringmgmt.com. For more information on E3 Business Group, Inc - Americas visit http://e3businessgroup.us
  • BREAKING NEWS - SURPRISE RTRC IX PANELIST: "When I look at who to have a panelists for this event I always look to have a cross section of our people. This brings diversity and fresh perspectives each year. This year I was truly blessed to know the perfect person to represent the future of health professionals, best this millennial generation offers and someone who epitomizes hard work and commitment to others. This is why I chose to add this young lady who is one of the biggest voices in any room, Ms. Naga Wasserman!" - E3 International Director and Founder, A M Butler Sr Naga Wasserman is the owner of local Jacksonville business Postural Therapy & Wellness. She began her career in public health, working with UNF’s Department of Health Promotion, Department of Health in Duval County, Northeast Florida Health Start Coalition’s program “4Me Teen Health Project”, and AmeriCorps’ program “National Health Corps”. She had developed a strong passion for health education when she discovered E3 Business Group. After certifying as a Postural Alignment Specialist, something she knew she’d wanted to do for six years, she opened her business to help people understand and eliminate pain. She is trained in the use of exercises and stretches that are designed to realign the whole body. Because bones do what muscles tell them, we simply need to remind the muscles of their proper function. This unique method is hands-off and truly empowers the individual to take charge of their own treatment. When the muscles function well and the body is in good alignment, we are less prone to pain and injury, better able to balance, and equipped to perform day-to-day actions with ease. When people understand this process, they have invaluable knowledge for life. Naga has been awarded with the E3 Soldier Award for her outstanding business and plans to pursue a degree in physical therapy. Equipped with the unique knowledge and experience of posture therapy, she intends to become a strong influence in the field, encouraging her peers and clients to see the body as one whole functioning unit with the ability to heal. Please give her a warm welcome to the RTRC IX family! In their own words: Many people, practitioners and patients alike, believe that pain is synonymous with aging, that sports are a danger to the body, or that they slump one way or the other because “that’s just the way I was made.” There’s a whole culture around these notions that says, “It is what it is, there’s nothing I can do about it.” We’ve become so distant from ourselves and our bodies that we don’t even realize how incredibly good it is as healing itself, given the chance. We’ve become so obsessed with machinery that we think we can engineer a joint better than our own design, so I ask, “What the health are we doing?”
  • ORIGINS OF RTRC - Many ask us, how did Real Talk... Real Change get started. Here is the story from E3 Business Group, Inc - Americas A M Butler Sr: "In 2008 I volunteered to be a part of the JCCI Infant Mortality Task Force. The first day Rev. Tommy J. Rodgers was named the Chair and I was named Sub-Chair and begin to work to make a difference. We honed in on Recommendation #4 and E3 took the lead in creating an event. During one sub-committee meeting no one but myself and Ronnie Cage of Project Male showed. We begin putting together the framework for a large community event to really bring focus to men and their role in eliminating infant mortality. "We need an event that is hard hitting and talks about what people are normally scared to talk about." I said. "We need something with Real Talk!" and Ronnie said, "Man, real talk don't mean sh*t without Real Change!" and we knew we had something. We spent the next 5 months putting it together with others from the committee and held it on July 7, 2009 (my birthday) at WJCT studios. This day we had one of the worst thunderstorms I have seen in Jville. Still nearly 400 showed up and it was amazing!" This put E3 North Florida on the map and forced local organizations to recognize the power of local citizens, especially those who usually didn't have a voice." And now you know.... :)
  • BREAKING NEWS - Every year Real Talk... Real Change sees someone and we think, wow they need to be up here! Last year this was true during RTRC VIII: We Are Women... Hear Us More! WE ARE JUST GIDDY WITH EXCITEMENT over our next panelist. Please get up out your virtual seats and put your cursors together for Ms. Faye Johnson! Faye Johnson is the Chief Executive Officer of the Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition, Inc. located in Jacksonville, Florida. The Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition, Inc. was organized in 1991 as part of a statewide network of community-based organizations to reduce Florida’s high infant mortality and improve the lives of women before, during and after pregnancy. Prior to becoming the Chief Executive Officer, Faye served as the Project Director of the Magnolia Project, an initiative of the Coalition located in Jacksonville, Florida since 1999. The Magnolia Project is a special federally-funded Healthy Start preconception initiative to improve the health and well-being of women during their childbearing years (15–44 years old) living in underserved zip codes with the highest rate of infant mortality. She also, previously served as the Project Director for the Azalea Project, another special initiative of the Coalition. The Azalea Project is an intensive case management model that serves pregnant and postpartum high-risk substance abusing women ages 15-44. Faye oversees multiple programs within the organization such as but not limited to: Northeast Florida State Healthy Start, Fetal and Infant Mortality Review program, Fatherhood PRIDE and two evidence-based models, the MIECHV Nurse-Family Partnership and Healthy Families Jacksonville. Faye has exhibited at numerous federal and state Conferences throughout the country and coauthored Integrating the Life Course into Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Service Delivery: From Theory to Practice, Maternal and Child Health Journal. "I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of watching, supporting and working with Faye first as a coalition partner (E3 Business Group, Inc.) and recently as a member of the Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition Board." stated E3 International Director A M Butler Sr "For nearly a decade she has proven to be one of the most authentic, passionate and dedicated people I have seen advocate for the health of others in North Florida. We are truly blessed to add her to RTRC IX." Faye has devoted countless hours to serving underserved populations across the United States due to her husbands’ military career. Faye views her service opportunities as an experience that she values and is humbled everyday by the opportunity to serve women and their families to ensure they have healthy babies. Please join us in welcoming this amazing leader to the panel!
  • RTRC Throw Back Thursday - When it all started for these two, Real Talk... Real Change I in 2009! A M Butler Sr and Mike Sell
  • RTRC Flashback - Real Talk... Real Change VII panelists Crystal Smith Lewis, Alvin W. King, Mitesh Sangani, Jack Manilla, Reylius Wonderfulcounselor, and Pastor Andrew Tate III
  • A word from E3 Business Group, Inc - Americas' A M Butler Sr - "We apologize to those of you who have recently received invites from a Jacksonville based organization for friend requests and training events. E3 North Florida Community partners will always approach our members and supporters via approved E3 channels to ensure you know we both support and believe in what is presented." #RTRCIX #E3Ethics #E3Accountability
  • RTRC DYK - That Real Talk... Real Change has provided opportunities for local entrepreneurs including caterers like Gourmet Punch & More Family Cafe, Celebs Corner Kitchen, Divalicious Desserts; security firm ADA Global Inc Security; video production companies and even clothiers like Men's Warehouse. We constantly spend our $$ right where its needed even as we ensure RTRC is ALWAYS FREE to the public! This is the only community dialogue event which is done and supported by local entrepreneurs who care about the community they do business in. When you see someone with that gold E3 name tag in a meeting know that they are a quality business who cares. http://e3businessgroup.us #LetsGoTimeToLetEmKnow
  • RTRC Looking Back - One of the things overlooked by many is how many people have been spotlighted on Real Talk... Real Change before everyone else knew about their talents and abilities. Before she became a nationally recognized singer and performer we had the talented Akia Uwanda performing amazing renditions of our national anthem. We've had spoken word done by the talented Jus Amanda Batts and earlier Love Reigns. Former panelists who have benefited from this exposure include J Dianne Tribble, Dr. Catherine Barnes, Carolyn McKenzie, Richmond Wynn, Reylius Wonderfulcounselor, Niki Brunson, Alvin W. King, Arlene Cameron-Lloyd, William Jackson, Traci Irven, Octavius Holliday, Teleauba Revels-Rains, Rafael Alvarez, Tri Vu, former JCCI Executive Director Ben Warner, Rev. Tommy J. Rodgers, Pastor Andrew Tate III, Ronnie Cage, Jack Manilla, Mitesh Sangani, Parvez Ahmed, Ceandra Sunshyne Dilley, well known local advocate Chevarra Orrin (when new to Jacksonville), Channel 4's Melanie Lawson-Minor and this young lady who got her first real opportunity to share her voice at Real Talk.. Real Change I Shon Roshanda here sharing how mothers aren't victims. https://youtu.be/5nR6x4PsOcg
  • DYK Octavius Holliday has participated or attended EVERY Real Talk... Real Change dialogue. #Respects
  • RTRC Panelist Intro - We always look to bring someone to the table who can speak from a national perspective and are blessed to have that "voice" living in good ole City of Jacksonville, Florida - Government. Having spoken throughout the U.S. and experienced life as a proud veteran (U.S. Navy), mother and advocate this woman is poised to bring it! Michelle Angelique Poitier is the Founder of Healing Women Healing Nations of NE Florida Inc. and the host of Michelle Speakz. A tireless protector and guide to women, focusing on veterans, with PTSD and victims of various forms of abuse she has developed a keen sense of the impact and importance of mental health. Addressing issues and helping women identify, come to terms and heal before it was a trending topic in America, Michelle brings her own personal story of rejuvenation and rebirth to the panel. Even though the is still on the "path of healing" this mom and grandmom (really?) supports any and all who recognize the value of treating those with mental health challenges with respect and compassion. We look forward to bringing this national speaker to you for one night! Please join us in welcoming her to the panel! In Their Own Words "I wanted to be a part of real talk real change because when dealing with health we need to address all aspects of health and mental health is an important aspect of that. The status of our mental health drives every other aspect of our overall health. #MentalHealthMatters"
  • RTRC Looking Back - This was the most talked about dialogue in the history of Real Talk... Real Change. This was during our follow up community session which tackled various aspects of raising healthy children back in 2009. This was held at MOCA Jacksonville and featured Ronnie Cage, Octavius Holliday and Kevin Cobbin. Over 100 people witnessed this classic exchange about parenting! Enjoy... if you were there let us know!!! https://youtu.be/sdw6mRda-_0
  • RTRC Looking Back - For those of you new to Real Talk... Real Change. There is a reason it is now the largest annual community dialogue in North Florida. This is a clip of how we brought it home for the first one - Breaking The Cycle of Infant Mortality. Remember this Stormin Norman Simon, William Jackson, Kevin Cobbin, Shon Roshanda, Patty Mette? https://youtu.be/k3iouNVaz1k
  • RTRC Panelist Intro - Real Talk... Real Change always seeks to give a Voice to those who may not normally be heard. The tradition continues with our next panelist. Mr. Mike Sell is Continuous Improvement Consultant advising executives on topics such as strategy, culture, and engagement. He has been in the healthcare and insurance industry for more than 10 years, has a decade of working in human resources and payroll, and currently working for NGAHR, the world's largest HR service provider as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt developing programs which are translated and deployed across the world in multiple languages. More importantly Mike is a father of three Abigail (14), Madison (9) and Aiden (8) who attend our local schools, and married to his partner of 17 years (Becky) who is acting PTA president at a local elementary. As a concerned resident of district 8 that has a keen awareness of processes and systems and sees the cause and effects of bad policies on our communities. He will share his perspective as a father, husband and person impacted by the recent trends in health for families. In His Own Words "Whether the disparities in our neighborhoods are the result of intent or ignorance, knowing what we know, looking away now would be a intentional perpetuation of injustice." - Mike