13. October 2019 - 9:00
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Term 4 Football Initiation Program, 5-6 Year Olds | Keilor Downs College | Sunday, 13. October 2019

This program runs for 10 weeks....
What is our Football Initiation Program?
The program provides opportunities to:

discover their physical abilities and limitations through basic motor skills, incorporating the ball

communicate, integrate, and cooperate within small groups with and without a ball

orientate themselves in space whilst being aware of their surroundings

visually experience the movement of the ball so that they can evaluate how to relate and react

control the ball on the ground and in the air

Why our program should be your child's entry into football.
Expert coaching - Vio has over 10 years of experience coaching and relevant qualifications in the Discovery Phase (ages 5-7) and Skill Acquisition Phases (ages 7-13).
Facilities - Players will get to train on a synthetic futsal court. The playing area is fenced, which prevents the ball from going out of play, increasing time spent on the ball.
Small groups - A low player to coach ratio means your child gets the focus and support they need to learn effectively, catering to individual needs.
Practices - Players will be consistently engaged with the ball and active participants throughout the entire session - no waiting in lines! The practices are designed to satisfy a young player's need to possess the ball for as long as possible. 
 Skills - 

Dribbling the ball

Receiving, controlling, passing, and shooting the ball

Taking the ball away from an opponent (tackling)

Considering teammates or opponents in attack or defence (teamwork)