13. September 2019 - 19:00 till 21:00
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From Inspiration (or disempowerment) to Action | Flemington & Kensington RSL | Friday, 13. September 2019

In my recent exploration into human connection I have met a huge number of people who are concerned about many aspects of the current state of human experience, wellbeing and environmental condition in our cities, communities, workplaces, and families. With so many challenges presented to us by the media as well as many processes and actions of governments, corporations, councils and other established systems that are seemingly unable to be easily positively influenced, it is easy to feel disempowered and like it is too hard to make a difference.
From Inspiration (or disempowerment) to Action is an event designed to connect people so that they can work together to empower practical strategies and actions that are easily able to be put into practice.
We will answer the question "What can we do - With what we have - To make a difference?"
We will explore together how to build our capacity for taking impactful action (of any size) and how to overcome challenges and barriers that may appear as roadblocks. We will collaborate and simplify things in order to make it easy to make a difference. We will build confidence and connections that will create new opportunities.
Please join us to look at what we CAN do, rather than what other people, organisations and systems aren't doing, to make a difference.
Bring your amazing self, your ideas, an open mind and your belief that we all can make a difference so we can make it easier for us all to do exactly that.
Friday 13th Sept 2019.
7.00-9.00pm AEST
Flemington & Kensington RSL
25-27 Rankins Rd Kensington, VIC 3031