09. December 2017 - 16:30 till 19:00
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Linsey Gosper + The Ryan Sisters + Jessica Ledwich // exhibition | Stockroom | Saturday, 09. December 2017

Saturday 9 DECEMBER 2017 until Sunday 7 JANUARY 2018
OPENING EVENT: Saturday 9 DECEMBER 2017 from 4.30PM

Stockroom gallery presents:

Ups and Downs
Once Upon A Time the World Wasn't Brown

// This festive season Stockroom gallery continues its tradition of bringing you a particularly dark series of exhibitions. Please join us this Saturday 9 December for the opening of this final set of exhibitions at Stockroom for 2017. \\

Death, ritual and old Hollywood become re-mythologised on a personal level in Linsey Gosper's Constellations, captured as part of Gosper’s own self-imposed rituals in directing and manifesting energy. Old symbols and architecture become portals to locations within Gosper’s unconscious, and meditations to the stars.

The children’s playground is often seen as the embodiment of innocence and fun. In Ups and Downs, The Ryan Sisters introduce the viewer to something much more eerie, evocative and sinister, but also humorous in true Ryan Sisters style.

Once Upon a Time the World Wasn’t Brown presents a bizarrely sensual series of video works by Jessica Ledwich, set to the humorous musical suite Carnival of the Animals, distorting and objectifying our connection to 1980s childhood icons and our own complex relationship with the body. Nothing remains entirely familiar in this strange and twisted world.
Linsey Gosper
The Ryan Sisters
Jessica Ledwich