30. March 2020 - 18:00
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I'll get an event notification in 5 years & be like whats this? | Clement Park | Monday, 30. March 2020

In 5 years a lot of changes will have taken place in our lives, marriages, divorces, graduations, deaths, births, etc. In March of 2015 when accepting this invite is totally forgotten, we will get a notification for this event & have no idea what it is & we will celebrate with an epic 30 minute barbecue party... If you get an invite for this group from someone consider it a compliment & invite others. See you in 5 years!!
Round Two Fellas, But this time a change of scenery maybe?
  • If Bitcoin recovers then I'll be able to afford the flight and travel expenses xD
  • What's this?
  • what is this how did i even get invited im from Seattle
  • Huh? 2020 is in two years! And what about 2015?
  • well played lads
  • Gleder meg !
  • wow really looking forward to this
  • hi
  • Let's see where things will be with all of us
  • see yous in colorado! **
  • shoutout to @zane Calnton for making this happen.
  • i created this.... but.... it initially was to get peoples numbers...... hahahahh
  • Yo admin, what year?
  • Who created this event?? Awsome idea!!!
  • An epic barbeque party with 280,000 people attending. Thats alot of sausages. A real 'sausage fest'. Lol.
  • What
  • What if this is all just a brilliant marketing ploy by the Clement Park groundskeeper
  • juxt like ans share๐Ÿ˜—
  • *Excitement building*
  • Only three more years
  • So this is just a bunch of random people meeting except for the few of us that actually no each other. Was actually planning on going but now it dies not seem like it is actually a real event.
  • Can't wait to see all of you in 5 years.I'm already looking forward to this ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • So we're all meeting at the park in CO?