10. November 2017 - 10:00
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Abuela Doula Preparation Course | Mento | Friday, 10. November 2017

Culturally relevant doula training. There is a wisdom in the stories that our grandmothers tell us. It’s the medicine of generations. The stories of our collective pasts, and the hope for our future. The world of birth is not new and neither is the work of the birthkeeper.

When you decide to become an Abuela doula, you will be encouraged to reach back into your cultural heritage to bring forward the traditions of your mothers and your mothers’ mothers. The role of a doula is to support and to be with women as they travel through pregnancy, birth and those early postnatal days. To sit in and share the wisdom of the Abuelas, the grandmothers.

Knowing what a doula is, and knowing what it is to be a doula, recognising that the preparation course is precisely that. Preparation. An Abuela doula should seek to learn more, network and engage with other birth and postnatal professionals and hold herself to a good personal code.

"I was keen to complete a course that was culturally appropriate for my needs"

This is a four day, interactive course. Cost £400
abueladoulaspa@gmail.com for more information.