14. October 2018 - 17:00 till 18:10
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Sound Bath Gong Bath | Pankhurst Hall, Woodford Memorial Hall Parish Church | Sunday, 14. October 2018

Join the Holistic Therapy Rooms for a magical and relaxing journey of sound healing using Gongs, Singing Bowls and other sound instruments.
Allow your mind and body to relax and switch off as the sound resonates through you invoking a deeper more relaxed state.
The gong is a magical and sacred instrument used in parts of Asia for religious and ceremonial events. In the sound baths, we will be using gongs for relaxation. As the Gong is struck, the sound blossoms and resonates through the body at a cellular level. The sound also stimulates the Alpha and Theta brainwaves invoking a meditative, dream like or  sleep like state.
The event will start with a short guided visualisation to help relax you into the Sound Bath.
Sound Baths/ Gong Baths will be held on a monthly basis in a group setting with advance booking as places are limited.
Benefits of a Sound Bath or Gong Bath:

Helps to quieten the mind or to bring about releases to help you process your thoughts.

You may notice that you have a big sigh during a sound bath or gong bath which is a sign of a release.

Can help to release emotional blockages thereby giving a clearing effect.

What will you need to bring to a Sound Bath?
In a Sound Bath, Gong Bath you will find it more comfortable to lay down.  You will need to bring a Yoga mat, reclining chair, or similar to lie on and a throw/sleeping bag and cushion for your warmth and comfort. You may also wish to bring an eye mask and then close your eyes and allow the sound journey to commence. You may also wish to bring a bottle of water to help ground yourself after the event.
Chairs are available for those unable to lay down.
Doors to the hall will open at 4.40pm – 4.55pm and will close strictly at 4.55pm. (No entry before 4.40pm).
The South Woodford location: The Pankhurst Room, Woodford Memorial Parish Church Memorial Hall, 209 High Road, South Woodford, London E18 2PA).
***Please note that the Pankhurst Hall is located towards the end of the path/walkway between the Church and the Memorial Hall.
Parking in South Woodford should be available on the road or nearby roads. Alternatively, there is a free weekend carpark on Derby Road which is a short 4 minute walk away.
On the door tickets will be priced at £17.00