21. November 2019 - 9:00
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Urban Shalom Forum - UK/Europe & North America | TBD | Thursday, 21. November 2019

You are invited to attend the Urban Shalom Forum (USF) co-hosted by the Urban Shalom Society, World Evangelical Alliance and the Evangelical Alliance on Nov. 21-22 in London (venue to TBD). This event is immediately prior to the UN-Habitat Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campus and is designed to be a venue for ecumenical Christian dialogue on cities and the future of urban development, and for collaborating, strategizing, and advancing the necessary work of Christian urban engagement. For those also attending he UN-Habitat Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campus immediatly following it can also be an invaluable time to prepare for that event.  
The Need
The input of people of faith into city and social developments has never been more urgent. As you would be aware the world is experiencing rapid urbanisation with over half the population currently living in an urban context. This is set to rise steeply in the next thirty years to a point where over two-thirds of the global population will reside in a city. A core question we must ask from a faith perspective is “what will be the quality of life for those residing in the world’s growing cities?” 
The Urban Shalom Forum (USF) is a great opportunity before attending the UN-Habitat Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campus to come together as a broad community of Christian leaders and urban experts and delve deeply into urban issues from a distinctly Christian perspective, engage in discussion, foster relationships and develop collaborative relationships and networks. At the same time the USF will provide an opportunity to engage with global frameworks for urban development like the New Urban Agenda and global institutions like UN-Habitat.  
How to be involved
The Urban Shalom Forum will be held in London at a venue to be determined. The cost, if any, will be minimal and it is open to delegates from the UK, Europe, and North America.
Once registered, you will be kept informed as specific details regarding the venue and cost are determined.
Who Should Come? What to Expect
Urban Shalom Forums are working events. That means while we deliver great content through plenaries, discussions, workshops, etc. we do all that with a single purpose in mind, which is to produce outcomes, agendas, and solutions that we can use to make the cites, towns, and neigborhoods where we all live better places. Thus, come preparared to share, collaborate, to leave with a wider network and new friends who are on the same path, and ideas for action and engagement.
We are inviting Christian leaders who have deep experience and expertise in the following urban sectors to attend both the Urban Shalom Forum (USF) and the UN-Habitat Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campus events, but it is not necessary to attend both.  You can just attend one of the over.  The sectors lisited below generally correspond with core issues that will be addressed by breakout cohort groups at the USF.

Theology of cities and urbanism (including the Church, mission, evangelism, spiritual formation, etc.).

The Academy and education.

Food systems (includes the interrelationship between urban communities and places, and rural communities and places).

Slums/unplanned communities.

Community development (includes homeless issues).

Urban design (includes housing, ecological sustainability, resilience and natural disaster).

Land tenure.

Good governance.

Data and technology.

Health and cities (includes violence and safety).

Youth & leadership development.

Business, productivity, and economic justice (includes inclusion).

Arts and culture.

More Details to Follow
As more details are finalized such as the venue, any costs, speakers, schedule, etc. we will let you know ASAP.
We hope you will join us.
Chris Elisara, Ph.D, Christopher Ives, Ph.D, and Andre Van Emereyn