14. December 2019 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Restorative Sound Immersion in Long Beach - Winter Session! | FreeSpirit Yoga | Saturday, 14. December 2019

Experience the bliss of a Deep Winter Soundbath! More than meditation, more than yoga, Restorative Sound Immersion combines modalities to guide vibrations deep into the body for healing and release. We're bringing herbal healing into the fold, with medicinal tea offered at the start of the event to ease you into relaxation and connect with the community. Join FreeSpirit's Restorative Yoga teachers, Rob Don and Kelly Matten, for a special evening workshop combining healing yoga and sound. As you are guided into a sequence of gentle poses, the vibrations of sacred instruments envelop the room and draw you into peace. Tibetan and Quartz Singing bowls, Tongue Drum, Native American Flute, Gong, and deep ambient frequencies will soothe your mind while the poses unwind all physical tension. No prior yoga experience is necessary. This workshop is limited to 23 participants, pre-registration recommended. Pre-registration is $25, $30 at the door. Register at: http://freespirityoga.com/workshops-events/