05. July 2018 - 10:00
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Anime Expo 2018 | Los Angeles Convention Center | Thursday, 05. July 2018

AX 2018 returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center July 4-8, 2018 (Pre-Show Night July 4)
  • Cant wait this will be my first expo any advise
  • So this will be my first time to this convention any veterans want to show me around or maybe hang I’ll be flying here from Georgia and that alone is already nerve wrecking.
  • Monda Yang
  • the lines were unbelievably ridiculous last year. it was never like that the years before. its like the amount increased 10 fold. ppl that didn't pick up their badges yet had to wait up to 5 hours, even though ppl that already picked up their badges earlier still had to wait an hour or two in line. they obviously don't put a cap on their badge sales and are even selling the day of! this results to unbearable overcrowding and foot traffic inside and outside the convention center. it was so packed I was miserable!! they moved the artists alley in a stuffy parking garage with bad air ventilation and were denied a/c at times. alot of the staff (that are at the info booths) didn't know anything about events or the *** so I was often misinformed about where things were and what was happening and that wasted my time. I'm disappointed that the badge prices keep increasing every year to unreasonable amount, even the children passes are more and I don't think that's fair :/ that the organization that hosts it seems greedy and only care about money from sales and don't fully know how to run a *** to make it comfortable for attendees. I enjoyed AX till all this and won't be attending again until some adjustments are made.
  • I bought my ticket and for those that went this year what should I expect? (it'll be my first time)
  • So I bought a Black Friday Anime Expo ticket but was not careful and got a child’s four day pass instead....😅 If anyone would like to trade for an ***** pass (I would pay the excess) or buy for $46 dollars please dm or comment! Thanks!
  • The Black Friday tickets are sold out in an hour while they lasted until Sunday last year?
  • Be the first to experience the updated Gaming Experience in the Entertainment Hall on Pre-Show Night! Learn more → http://bit.ly/2zwy7ue
  • Join us for Pre-Show Night to be among the first to explore the Entertainment Hall Gaming Experience at #AX2018! Read more → http://bit.ly/2hJH5Zz
  • Let's kick-off AX this year by screaming "I'm ugly and I'm proud"!! Invite everyone! https://www.facebook.com/events/1987183818221833/?ti=cl
  • If you've heard of all these, you're an expert attendee of AX! Read more → http://bit.ly/2AmgixW
  • I’m there #4YearsInARow
  • The #AX2018 Exhibitor List is Now Available~! \(^o^)/ Learn More → http://bit.ly/2z8qCoZ
  • Hey Tyler Tharpe is it worth buying the premier fan bundle? I don't know much about this
  • I bought my pass like four months ago! 😁😁😁
  • I'm just going to leave this here.....
  • I cannot wait to go again :3
  • Lisa Baraldo it’s like your heaven on earth
  • Hotel buddies anyone?
  • It's the moment you've been waiting for...Black Friday details for are now available! Save on 4-day & Pre-Show Night badges or snag a Premier Fan badge before they're gone! Learn More → http://bit.ly/BF-AX2018
  • What will the prices for 4 day passes be on black friday?? i need to attend next year and hopefully cosplay
  • Super excited to announce that we've finally launched our new website! Check it out → http://bit.ly/2jppRVx
  • Stranger Things Cosplay I just know Ima see them there lol
  • Joey TheMan. More time to figure out a cosplay costume😝