02. July 2026 - 10:00
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Anime Expo 2026 | Los Angeles Convention Center | Thursday, 02. July 2026

The largest anime convention returns in 2026! This will probably be the biggest anime expo ever!
  • Kumari you ain't down
  • Ah yes, AX 2026, can't wait to go to a convention the year we all become immortal!
  • Oh boy! I can't wait to be 31, in a loveless marriage, and still an insufferable weeb! <3
  • I can't wait to pay for parking with 4 gallons of virgin blood and my first born child.
  • Why wait for AX 2026, when we can wait for AX 2050!? ;) lol
  • Just bought 20,000 tickets!
  • I heard the new weapons policy prohibits plastic forks and plushies of characters that have committed violent actions in their anime. Can anyone confirm please???
  • If anyone wants to know where the end of the line is, we're already at the Shrine Auditorium. Address: 665 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007
  • Getting in line now so I am first.
  • **** I'll be 36 during this....
  • Sorry, I'll be dead
  • I mean are pricing going down for Black Friday?
  • Should I start lining up for autographs now?
  • Only 9 more years everyone! It's never too early to start preparing!!!
  • I'm not going to AX this year cuz I'm waiting for 2026 :P
  • I most likely wont go to AX next year, so I'll wait till 2026 :)
  • If we're still alive lol
  • Is this a bit far into the future?
  • Just booked my flight
  • Lol this says it is returning in 19 years
  • Guys help! Ive been to a couple places for body paint and tested them out but they crack or melt so easily. ;_; any suggestions for it? Im dressing as Arcanine and AX is coming up so close ;_;
  • Hello, all! I am having a post-*** season Cosplay meetup/matchmaker event. For new friendships or relationships. There will be lots of icebreaker games and it will be kind of like a redlight greenlight party so you can know who is "interested in dating" "just looking for friends" etc. More details on the page. If you are interested I ask that you INVITE YOUR FRIENDS because of fb's new settings I was unable to invite over 900 members from my own cosplay club! :( I've thrown loads of events in the past and this is just a chance to meet cool new people. Come cosplay or casual. Please come! &don't forget to INVITE <3
  • Well just an other excuse to over price tickets as they are. no thanks.