16. April 2020 - 14:30
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The day Justin Bieber hits puberty | My House | Thursday, 16. April 2020

  • lol
  • Ninguém vai curti porque não tenho braço 😭 se você não tem preconceito curte e deixa seu Amém pra mim 😭👏💔 Me mandem solicitação de amizade , quero amizade de todos ❤
  • The funny thing is I've been through 4 proms 5 relationships moved twice and now in my sophomore year of college since I've been in this group. Fuckin funny asf😂
  • So, where the party @ ?
  • 💖is it too late now to say sorry💖
  • Q lindo esguapo yustin
  • is this still going down?
  • when he hit the legai age 21, the best day ever to start fantasizing ; )
  • Justin bieber i worship like a god.. And wishes to leave nigeria to be with him.. watching his everymove
  • ikg
  • This is funny to be apart of😂 I remember this **** from years ago
  • He finally did tho....
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  • Gooday Philippines...Hi! Justin Bibier...
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  • Almost there
  • Welp, pretty sure Justin won.
  • the price concessions , Hard to get authentic (y) 5673
  • 5 more years 😮
  • Yay little Justin finally becomes a man
  • Is this my invite to his quinceanera?