10. December 2017 - 16:00 till 20:30
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Griffith Park Festival of Lights Hike 2017 | Griffith Park Merry Go Round | Sunday, 10. December 2017

Festival of Lights at Griffith Park
Sunday, December 10th, 2017
Meet Time 3:45 - 4:00PM
Start/Hiked Time 4:15PM (SHARP)
Color theme is BLACK & Holiday Lights
Clothes, Hats, Backpacks, Walking Stick, etc.


Griffith Park Merry Go Round Parking Lot #2.
4730 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027
You must drive through Lot 1 in order to get to Lot 2.

We will hike from The Griffith Park Merry Go Round Lot 2 to
The Helipad At Griffith Park and then to continue to
The top of Mount Hollywood aka "Dante's Peak."

Round Trip Distance for this Level 5 Hike averages 6 Miles and averages 4.5 Hours.

Color theme is Black and wear your Christmas Lights!
Items to bring are plenty of Water, Snack or Meal, Flashlight, Trail Running or Hiking Shoes are Mandatory.

This event will get crowded so please arrive early.

Please arrive early enough to stretch and hydrate prior to arrival.
This Intermediate Level Hike
**Please arrive early enough to stretch prior to hiking.
**Dress appropriate for the season (hike or athletic attire).
**Hydrate prior to arrival and Bring plenty of water.
**On Night Hikes: Flashlights are required.
**Bring a Snack or Meal.
**HIKING Shoes or Trail Running Shoes are required.
**Bring your Great ATTITUDE!

Disclaimer and Release from Liability
1. It is the responsibility of the HIKER to carry full and complete insurance information (health or otherwise) coverage on her/his personal effect as well as that of personal property.
2. HIKER acknowledges and agrees that this is a voluntary group hike, has the option to not participate freely and wantonly at their discretion prior to said activity.
3. HIKER agrees to assume ANY AND ALL RISKS INVOLVED OR ARISING FROM THE GROUP HIKE including, without limitation but not limited to, the risks of death, bodily injury, property damage, falls, kicks, bites, collisions with vehicles, horses or stationary objects, fire or explosion, the unavailability of emergency medical care, the negligence or deliberate act of another person.
  • PLEASE READ IN IT'S ENTIRETY First, let's pray for those affected by the local fires and for those fighting the fires around the Los Angeles area. We've had a few inquiries about this hike. The Griffith Park Festival of Lights Hike 2017 is still scheduled for this Sunday. We are keep a close eye on the air quality because safety is our number one priority. We'll update this page Friday evening and post any changes. Everyone's Hike A LOT of MILES and SMILES
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