01. December 2017 - 9:00
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L.A. Auto Show December 1 - 10, 2017 | Los Angeles Convention Center | Friday, 01. December 2017

The 110th LA Auto Show is back, DECEMBER 1-10, 2017 at the LA Convention Center. You can purchase your tickets directly on this Facebook event page or visit http://LAAutoShow.com/tickets

Whether it’s hassle-free vehicle shopping and test drives, learning about the latest auto technology or exploring an assortment of customized rides and exotics, there is something for everyone at this year’s show. On average, attendees spend 4 hours at the show, so plan accordingly and make sure to experience all 870,000 sq. feet of the show floor.

Tickets for one-time entry start at $12-15 for adults, $10 for seniors and $5 for children. Kids under 6 with a paying ***** are free. We recommend you purchase your tickets online to avoid potential box office lines and to enter with your mobile device.

Show Hours:

Friday, Dec. 1: 9AM to 10PM (early entry tickets also available)
Saturday, Dec. 2: 9AM to 10PM (early entry tickets also available)
Sunday, Dec. 3: 9AM to 9PM (early entry tickets also available)
Monday, Dec. 4: 9AM to 9PM
Tuesday, Dec. 5: 9AM to 9PM
Wednesday, Dec. 6: 9AM to 9PM
Thursday, Dec. 7: 9AM to 10PM
Friday, Dec. 8: 9AM to 10PM (early entry tickets also available)
Saturday, Dec. 9: 9AM to 10PM (early entry tickets also available)
Sunday, Dec. 10: 8AM To 7PM (early entry tickets also available)

Visit our website at LAAutoShow.com for directions, show info, celebrity appearances, vehicle debuts, automakers and much more.
  • Will need Press access....
  • Can’t go cuz I am flying to Cincinnati. Many thank for invite me. You all have fun there 👍🏾😎
  • Our VIP guided tours are moving fast. Act now for your chance to experience the entire show floor with an auto expert. We'll even provide the breakfast 😎 Tours still available for Dec. 3, 9 or 10: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/los-angeles-auto-show-vip-guided-tours-dec-2-3-9-or-10-tickets-35249929488?aff=laasfbevent111317
  • Los Angeles Auto Show do you still have the VIP night like you used to?
  • Are we able to bring camcorder and RiG
  • Orale!
  • Just a little something for the Camaro guys out there. We have in our showroom a 1993 Indy Camaro pace car. That belongs to a good friend this car has only 9 miles on it and has never been dealer prepped. This amazing car is going to be up for sale if anyone has an interest in it please get ahold of us. This could very well be the lowest mileage one anywhere.
  • Can't wait 🚘 Are you guys doing a ticket giveaway for this years LAAS ?
  • We have ignition 🚗💨 The trailer for the 2017 LA Auto Show has arrived. Who's rollin' with you? LAAutoShow.com/tickets
  • Taking my dad again this year...can't wait to see all the cool stuff!
  • Osman you want to go?
  • Pedro Vasquez tanto que te gusta, deberíamos ir!
  • *** yessssss! I've been going for the past 10+ years ❤️
  • Brent Alexander we should go again
  • We're in a giving mood. Check out our 2017 contests and giveaways for a chance to win a variety of prizes including XBOX One consoles, videogames, electric vehicles and more: http://laautoshow.com/contests-giveaways/ (no purchase necessary to win)
  • Yuseidi Mendez we going?
  • It's almost that time. Take a look at the list of automakers and vehicles announced so far for this year's show. We'll have 1,000 waiting for you... Stay tuned for more vehicle debut news and our trailer for this year's show 😎
  • I'll buy tickets as soon as i know the celebrities\sport stars--- that are appearing... ;)
  • Any idea who the special guest making an apprentice are gonna be?
  • Andrew Michael Joseph Song Jacob next guys night???
  • It's good to be a VIP 🔑 Book your VIP guided tour and breakfast while supplies last: LAAutoShow.com/viptickets
  • Got my tickets !!! Yay
  • Ryan Castillo
  • Freddy Alvarez