29. November 2018 - 9:00
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Training in Method #7 Snaptesting ONLY for Graduates of BJ Fogg’s Boot Camp | ROW Downtown LA | Thursday, 29. November 2018

David Ngo brings you:
Behavior Design Training in (Method #7) Snaptesting ONLY for Graduates of BJ Fogg’s Boot Camp
3 Full Days of Learning, Designing, and Running Snaptests for Graduates of BJ Fogg's Boot Camp

Past clients that received Behavior Design work from David Ngo:

"One day working with David saved my team at Spotify hundreds of engineering hours. Through simple, fun, and occasionally wacky methods; he helped us reach a level of goal-clarity that previous multi-day workshops fell far short of. At the end, the team stood to give him a standing ovation!  I’d highly recommend him for any team that wants customers to do anything."
- Tyler W., Product Owner - Music, Publishers, Songwriters at Spotify

"I've got great news about Project X. We've got the go ahead for running a pilot early next year. We're about to start building the app! The business case I put together was praised for the amount of evidence I was able to provide, and the behavior design workshop and the behavior design experiments (snaptests) were an important part of that."
- Confidential, Due to Launch Timeline
Read more testimonials here. 

Method #7: Snaptesting Training Overview
Simply show up with your project aspiration or desired outcome.
You will build on your training at BJ Fogg's Boot Camp for your specific project with your actual team. 
Here is what you can expect during this three day, all-hands-on-deck, experience: 

Expect to design and run behavior design Snaptests with real people every day -- as close to your target customer demographic as possible.  We will find and prepare the testers.

Expect to feel a supportive atmosphere because there will be four to five other teams of bootcamp graduates in the training with you.  You can catchup over lunch and breaks, but all teams will be focused on their own projects.

Expect to graduate with the skills, confidence, and plan to design and run Snaptests back in your organization.

If you and your team are interested in attending this workshop but can not afford the full ticket price/group price, please email us here: david@behaviordelta.com
If you are not interested in this group training but would like to work with David Ngo individually at your company or another location, contact him here: david@

What will I get at this Snaptest Training that my team won't get anywhere else?

1. Authorized Snaptest Training by David Ngo
Behavior Design method #7 is Snaptesting: to test the psychology behind an idea or behavior in 4 hours of work or less. 
A Snaptest is a quick quantitative and qualitative test that helps your team determine if your team should invest more resources in an idea/behavior, or if the team should move on to solving a different behavior problem.  
After co-leading special Snaptest trainings with BJ Fogg's bootcamp graduates, David was authorized by BJ Fogg to train more people in Snaptesting.

“The BD experiments that David then helped us to design were the most fun customer research I've ever done!” - Eleanor (Pearson)

"The business case I put together was praised for the amount of evidence I was able to provide, and the behavior design workshop and the behavior design experiments were an important part of that." - Confidential 
2. Our Team will Recruit Testers/Users to be On-Site 
Often, the hardest part of Snaptesting is finding good users/testers.  We will do this for you.  We will recruit testers that are as close to your target user as possible, people who do not know you or care about your feelings.  
Exciting and a bit beyond the comfort zone, right?  That's the growth we want to encourage.    

3. Limited to 24 People (~approx. 6 teams of bootcamp graduates)
You'll attend with at least 2 other members of your team.  By keeping it small and intimate, your team will get  personal attention and high quality consulting out of the three days. 
It is our intention, and hope, that you and your team will bond and get closer throughout this experience.  You may also get to know the other attending teams (potential collaborators or future clients).

4. Expert Guides on Snaptesting for Your Team
David Ngo and BJ Fogg have been writing a series of Expert Guides on How to Do Behavior Design.  They are not publicly available yet.  There are only two ways to get them right now:  from BJ Fogg or David Ngo.  
Your team will receive Expert Guides on Snaptesting to serve as tactical references to use after the Snaptesting Training. The guides will serve as practical tools for you to bring back to your company. 
(screenshot from latest edition)

Is Snaptesting Training Right For You and Your Team?

You're a graduate of BJ Fogg's Boot Camp . . .


You want to complete your training of Method #7 and step 7 of the 7-Step Behavior Design process


You want to get trained by BJ Fogg's #1 recommended resource on Snaptesting: David Ngo 


You want to get quick quantitative and qualitative data for your project while getting trained in Snaptesting

If any of these statements sound true for you, come to downtown Los Angeles with your team for the #1 Training in Snaptesting with David Ngo.

"Our CTO and I have been to BJ's Bootcamp.  Our CTO twice.  We could facilitate the Behavior Design process for our team, but it's just a world's difference having an experienced Behavior Designer to do it, who lives and breathes this (David)." -- Bootcamp Graduate, VP of Design at $400M+ rev / year co.

About David Ngo and Behavior Delta
David Ngo has been helping teams implement Behavior Design since 2011 when he first met BJ Fogg, PhD, at Stanford University. As the founder of Behavior Delta, a behavior design firm, David workshops and brings consulting to teams that want to Behavior Design effectively, ethically, and facilitate positive change in people's lives.
As a digital nomad, David brings Behavior Design across the globe. He has worked with students of the Real Madrid Business School (Madrid, Spain), worked with Kyoto Design Lab (Japan), and spoken to a full room of over 500 people at SxSW (Austin, TX). His upcoming travels include speaking at the Digital Festival in Switzerland and leading consulting on Behavior Design projets in Vancouver and Ottawa, Canada. 
In 2011, David designed and created the world's first Behavior Design major program while he was at the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University. He has since worked with BJ Fogg, PhD., co-consulting clients with him, and co-leading special Snaptest trainings for BJ's Bootcamp graduates. David is currently co-authoring a 7-Part Expert Guide Series on How to Do Behavior Design with Dr. Fogg.  
Find out more about David and his industry work here. 

About BJ Fogg, PhD. and Behavior Design
Developed by behavior scientist, BJ Fogg PhD, and his lab members at Stanford, Behavior Design is a system of his original models (how to think about behavior) and methods (how to design for behavior change).  BJ is a behavior scientist, with deep experience in innovation and teaching.  
Find out more about BJ Fogg and his training opportunities here. 

Registration Details

You/your team are required to attend all three days of the Snaptest Training. We want you to get the most out of this experience.
Training dates:

Thursday, November 29th, 2018* 

Friday, November 30th, 2018* 

Saturday, December 1st, 2018*

*9:00am-5:00pm, times are subject to change 

3 Person Group Early Bird (valid until September 10th): $4,075.00Transaction fee included.  We absorbed the cost for you.
Regular Price: $4,799.00   ($533 per day / person)Transaction fee included.  We absorbed the cost for you.
4 Person Group Early Bird (valid until September 10th): $4,755.00Transaction fee included.  We absorbed the cost for you.
Regular Price: $5,599.00   ($396.25 per day / person)Transaction fee included.  We absorbed the cost for you.
5 Person Group Early Bird (valid until September 10th): $5,795.00Transaction fee included.  We absorbed the cost for you.
Regular Price: $6,799.00   ($386.33 per day / person)Transaction fee included.  We absorbed the cost for you.
Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodgings.
We will have water, coffee and some snacks available on site, but prepare to bring or purchase your own lunch. We can help provide recommendations in the area. 

Policy for Transfers and Cancellations
You may transfer your registration at any time for an administration fee of $200.
If you need to cancel, we will refund what was paid minus the cancellation fee. 
Cancellation fees are as follows:

4 weeks+ notice = $250.00 per canceled person

Under 4 weeks notice = $450.00 per canceled person

Less than 10 days notice = $950.00 per canceled person

There are no refunds for cancellations that occur within 72 hours of the start of this workshop.
You may transfer your registration to another person or cancel by contacting us at david@

Getting There
You will find more information in your workshop email after ticket purchase.