19. December 2017 - 11:00
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Ye Olde Tate & Suze's Son's 2nd birthday party!!!!!! at MEDIEVAL TIMES | Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Lyndhurst NJ | Tuesday, 19. December 2017

HEY EVERYONE!! if you could RSVP ASAP to our TWENTY FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY that would be great!!! we r going to the WORLD FAMOUS place called MEDIEVAL TIMES!!!!!! Inside the stone walls of our 11th century-style castile medicevla spain comes to life! as six nights donning authentic armor clash in a jousting tourmenent for the title of KING'S CHAMPION!!!!!! emjoy the show while dining on a gourmet feast!!! of oven roasted chicken, garlic bread, tomato soup, herb-rosted potato, spare rib, pastry of the castle, and select non-alcoohiolic beverages!! pls rsvp ASAP because we need a head count ten months in advance thx

~@!~~UPDATE~!@: if ryan gets parole he is going to come and it wil be his 21st birthday too so there will be not one not too not THREE princess tonight!!!

~~~love, Lady Tate and Lady Suze and Lady Ryan~~~~
  • i am SO hype for this
  • CANT W8 2 C EVERYONE SO SOON! Our son would like an iPhoneX + Glossier's new Body Hero for his birthday.
  • thnak you to the bernard college library for their support
  • puting the herb rosted potatoe in the fridge for next year looking forward to if
  • Sorry y'all!! Alex Donnelly is getting his hair cut today ...
  • Anyone wanna split an uber?
  • yeah yeah!! yeah!
  • Less than one month away!! So excited!
  • realy looking forward to this
  • can't wait
  • oh dear god this is still alive
  • Hi everyone, Thanks for all your well wishes earlier. Unfortunately, Baby Tathaniel had to undergo emergency surgery this evening. He should be fine but we need you all to be PRAYER WARRIORS for our precious baby boy! Now, off to get some much needed sleep... -suze and Tate
  • Ahoy there Ladies & Lords, Suze Myers and I are overjoyed to announce the birth of our first child (of many) together. {However due to this joyous occasion, we must delay tonight's festivities. Instead, next year, we will be celebrating our son's first birthday.} Children change you. They make you reconsider your priorities. [We are registered at Knights-R-Us and sweetgreen.] Your well wishes are appreciated at this time and we are pleased to introduce to the world, Lord Tathaniel Chih-Mei Durand-Anderson-Duranderson-Myers, Jr. Can't wait to see y'all there next year!
  • this is actually tonight I never thought this day would come
  • Guys I'm already here where is everyone
  • this conflicts with my party and to be frank I'm offended
  • I can't make it. Can we reschedule for next year?
  • Just wanted to provide some inspiration for this tough finals season.... #winteriscoming
  • So excited!!!!1!1!!
  • Guys only 364 more days! Can't wait!
  • This day has finally come
  • I'm assuming this isn't happening as no one has given me the exact details.