19. December 2017 - 11:00
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Ye Olde Tate & Suze's Son's 2nd birthday party!!!!!! at MEDIEVAL TIMES | Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Lyndhurst NJ | Tuesday, 19. December 2017

HEY EVERYONE!! if you could RSVP ASAP to our TWENTY FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY that would be great!!! we r going to the WORLD FAMOUS place called MEDIEVAL TIMES!!!!!! Inside the stone walls of our 11th century-style castile medicevla spain comes to life! as six nights donning authentic armor clash in a jousting tourmenent for the title of KING'S CHAMPION!!!!!! emjoy the show while dining on a gourmet feast!!! of oven roasted chicken, garlic bread, tomato soup, herb-rosted potato, spare rib, pastry of the castle, and select non-alcoohiolic beverages!! pls rsvp ASAP because we need a head count ten months in advance thx

~@!~~UPDATE~!@: if ryan gets parole he is going to come and it wil be his 21st birthday too so there will be not one not too not THREE princess tonight!!!

~~~love, Lady Tate and Lady Suze and Lady Ryan~~~~