25. September 2019 - 9:30 till 12:30
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#BeBold 9 Steps to Business Success - Canberra | Canberra Business Chamber | Wednesday, 25. September 2019

When it comes to running a business it is easy to focus on the urgent need of ‘Now’ activities, but if business owners want your business to grow, evolve, or move in a new direction it is vital that you have an understanding of strategic ‘big-picture’ thinking and how this will give you clarity and direction.
In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to work ON your business and identify the key areas of business that need your attention, for you to successfully build and grow your business.
Participants will learn:

How to build a bold business venture which focuses on your success
How to develop the “character” of your business
How to enhance the Foundation of your business

At the completion of the program the participants will have:

A draft of your Personal Vision statement and the stimulus to embrace change and develop the direction of your business
The skills to effectively work ON your business and your key Business Objectives for the next 12 months
Answers to the questions “What Am I Selling? and “What’s in it for my customer?”