06. October 2020 - 20:30 till 23:30
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Dane Uhelski's Funeral | The Garden | Tuesday, 06. October 2020

It's gonna be so awesome. Bring your friends!
  • Didn't we already do your funeral last year or a couple of years ago? Let's not go overboard here Dane.
  • I'm actually going to be doing something else that day. Can you change it to a later date?
  • I missed everybody's weddings but I'll be damned if I miss this bad boy!!!
  • This is still a thing lol
  • Looking forward to the event! I requested the days off of work.
  • Still looking forward to this event, have you given any thought to what dirge you would like performed?
  • Is anyone going to cancel this event lol
  • Hey can you move it up a few days, months, or years???? I might be out of town those weeks
  • dear lord dane, not cool.
  • This scared the **** out of me....Dane Uhelski dont do this to people..lol
  • its gunna b a party!!!
  • i'll have to check my schedule and is it to late to get that 20 you owe me?
  • Is Madison Square Garden big enough?
  • ?????????????? whya re you having a funeral?
  • Date is already set huh? Why a Tuesday?
  • will there be free refreshments??
  • I think that date is bad for me. Can you move it to somewhere around November 2067? I am pretty sure I have time then. Also, can we do a Celebrate Dane Party sometime before that. It would be fun to catch up on things and hang out.
  • can we go sailing again before you die??? PLLLLEAAAASE?
  • I'll be giving the eulogy folks, and it'll go something like this: "dane wasn't good at much. He was a mediocre guitarist, a novice (at best) poker player, and a fairweather friend. My only hope is that he goes to ****, where at least he'll be good at suffering horribly for all eternity."
  • Oh I'm definitely going to be there!!!!
  • So stoked!
  • I have nine years to stop you.
  • Not planning to attend because if my plans go as I hope, you will attend mine first, dear. :)
  • oh i am totally there here i come new york i mean i pay my repsects to you dane on october the 6 2020 at 831pm