19. November 2020 - 9:00
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Advanced Anatomy & Biomechanics Yoga teacher Training | Thursday, 19. November 2020

Wet Lab Experience

Visit Wollongong University to observe, touch and manipulate tissues, muscles and bones for the deepest possible understanding of how the body works.

Open to You

200-hour trained yoga teachers, AND/OR dedicated students with a desire to understand advanced anatomy and biomechanics. Note that the content of this course will not cover basic anatomy concepts.


An anatomy and philosophical geek at heart, Duncan brings a background in neurospinology, traditional yoga studies with Georg Feuerstein, and most recently FRC training with Hunter Cook.

The only course in Australia that offers a Wet Lab experience, this course is a must for anyone who wants to support their students in modifications and variations of postures in an informed and confident way. Learn from Duncan Peak as he breaks down the essential understanding of anatomy and biomechanics, specifically for a modern-day yoga asana teacher. Duncan’s approach to teaching anatomy is fun, interesting, challenging, hugely educational and deeply respected by teachers, students and the community at large.


Each day will have a specific focus, breaking down the applied anatomy of the body to explore all the major joints and dissect biomechanical movement in relation to yoga asana.

We will visit the Anatomy (‘Wet’) Lab at Wollongong University to observe, touch and manipulate actual tissues, muscles and bones of a cadaver for the deepest possible understanding of biomechanics. Learn what’s really going on under your skin!

Participate in Asana Lab where you will put into practice your understanding of the anatomical complexities and differences present in us all.


Expect an educational immersion that will take you from a basic anatomical understanding to having an ability to read multiple bodies and deliver individual cues, whilst still maintaining the flow of the class.