21. December 2019 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Snake Medicine Walk of Light | Chambers Island | Saturday, 21. December 2019

Snake medicine walk of light
December 21/12/19 Chambers island  at 7pm

An evening of healing, transformation, shedding, rebirth with Raelene Byrne and Kate Barzdo.

Shed the old, rebirth the parts of you waiting to be seen and radiated,  through this sacred walk through the body of a symbolic serpent. 
The significance is resembling how a snake sheds its old self, all the parts it has outgrown, where teh new is ready to be exposed and lived.
Raelene is creating a long serpent body,  filled with colour, candlelight, processes, and rituals to celebrate the Summer Solstice 2019, to embrace the parts of self we have been growing into.
This year has taken us all on some expansive highs and some deep lows, asking us over and over, is this what I want, is this how I want to feel, live, be? Changes have been radical as we become more of who we are, and discover what we are contributing, and deepening our inner connection.

The call to stand int the light of who we are, knowing that our inner light, far more powerful than we have ever believed is more than ready to  emanate in all directions of life.
Some days we have to look at the old patterns as they arise, recognise them and declare…”that is who I WAS”,
then turn our heads, eyes, and hearts to a new path or direction with the declaration
” This is Who I am BECOMING”. And walk towards that.
We are called to let go, shed, release, what is not true for us on any level, this opens up space for the soul to reveal more of who we are. Spaciousness, expansiveness, quietness, peacefulness, connectedness, compassion, graciousness and light.
Joining Raelene on this shedding and rebirth process to end this year in preparation for 2019 is Kate Barzdo, bringing her mesmerising voice, music and harp to this night of deep magic and high energy.
You will physically walk through the serpent’s body of colour and light
You will feel the release, shedding of “old” skin…old you, anything still remaining that you are willing to recognise and walk from, shed, and be supported by the amazing music and powerful songs from Kate Barzdo.
You will stand in an energetic grid for the anchoring of the rebirthed you, or what you are embracing as your becoming
You will be in a community gathering where this energy will be amplified as we will be holding the space for each person to walk through the snak body
You will have the opportunity to stand in various sections as you release deeply
This serpent will weave its body through the Hall on the island.
The symbology is huge. The journey is yours. The shedding is grace-filled, the move towards realisation is the gift.
When a snake sheds its skin, the new is already there,
“Snakes have no eyelids. Each eye is covered with a single clear scale. A snake’s eye scales are part of its skin. This means that when a snake sheds its skin, it must also shed its eye scales”…Wow… metaphorically a clearer vision of and for self.
You will be drummed, anointed, assisted, through the walk if required
You will experience a group meditation to bring the snake medicine to life, the energy of realisation, of who you really are.
Kate Bazdo wrote an incredibly powerful song to help in the shedding process, to add to the memorable magic of this release and realisation experience.
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