30. November 2017 - 19:30
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Wasted by Kate Tempest | The Factory Theatre | Thursday, 30. November 2017

The Kings Collective is proud to present the Australian Premiere of 'WASTED' by prolific spoken word artist, author, and poet, Kate Tempest.

'Three old friends in their mid-twenties. One remarkable day. For Ted, Danny and Charlotte, it’s time to seize control. Make a difference. Change things. This is it.'

This form- bending play cuts through to the core of our existential grief and gives voice to an entire generation.

Director: Elsie Edgerton-Till
Assistant Director: Isabella Debbage
Designer: Tyler Ray Hawkins
Sound Designer: Tegan Nicholls
Lighting Designer: Nicholas Fry
Stage Manager: Jess Bell
Cast: Jack Crumlin, David Harrison & Eliza Scott

On the Friday & Saturday nights there will also be a pre-show poetry showcase hosted by Word Travels and Enough Said, featuring local spoken-word artists and members of the #tkccommunity

Thank you to Norton Crumlin & Associates for making this production possible.
  • "...this isn’t your average theatre going experience: it’s an experience in temporary community building with art at the core." - Cassie Tongue, TIMEOUT COMMUNITY COMMUNITY COMMUNITY! •WASTED MON,WED,THURS (7pm) •WASTED + PRE-SHOW POETRY FRI & SAT ONLY (6:30pm) GET YOUR TICKETS NOW, SERIOUSLY! bit.ly/TKCWasted
  • Eliza Scott as Charlotte and Jack R Crumlin as Danny. Sneak peek! 👀👁️👀💖 Only 10 tix left for tonight!! Make sure to pre-book so you don't miss out! bit.ly/TKCWasted 📷Robert Catto, Photographer
  • OPENING NIGHT TONIGHT!!! Show kicks off at 6.30pm with a pre-show poetry showcase curated by Enough Said Poetry Slam and Word Travels followed by WASTED by Kate Tempest. 🌟🔥💥
  • Reilly Anne Keir
  • Looking for 2 tickies for the Friday night!
  • make it a date and dont miss this awsome experience
  • We’ve sold out opening night folks! So we’ve added in a Wednesday show. If you haven’t booked yet make sure to before seats fill up! And remember we’re using a Pay What You Can ticketing scheme ranging from $30-$50. bit.ly/TKCWasted
  • 'And then I'll catch my reflection in between the letters of her name, **** like a car crash, and I'll make the same fuckin' promises I make every morning. Tell myself that I'm changing. That this is it.' Meet DANNY played by Jack Crumlin bit.ly/TKCWasted BOOK NOW -> Pay What You Can!
  • Early Bird Ticket code = WAKEUP bit.ly/TKCWasted Book now folks. You don't want to miss this.
  • #queen bit.ly/TKCWasted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffxrCDvJ8LI
  • ghettoized children murdered in daylight by those employed to protect them. **** live-streamed to your pre-teens bedrooms. Glass ceiling. No headroom. Half a generation live beneath the breadline - oh but it's Happy Hour on the high street! bit.ly/TKCWasted
  • Congrats on getting it up. Look forward to catching it 🍾
  • WASTED by Kate Tempest. bit.ly/TKCWasted ******* "Tunnel vision, tunnel vision Work, drinks, heartbreak You can’t **** the past, the past’s a dark place Can’t sleep, can’t wake, sitting in our boxes Notching up our victories as other people’s losses Another day, another chance to turn your **** away from pain" - Tunnel Vision by Kate Tempest