04. December 2019 - 9:00 till 16:30
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Creating, Communicating and Differentiating your Value Proposition in the Risk Advice Space (SA) December 2019 | | Wednesday, 04. December 2019

Earn 6 CPD points
As remuneration for risk advice moves inexorably towards a fee base and away from a commission base, it becomes increasingly important that risk advisers appreciate and communicate the real value you represent to your clients in the risk advice space. Unless you start to do a much better job of building more meaningful and lasting client relationships and creating a quality experience for your clients rather than just completing transactions and ticking compliance boxes, then why wouldn’t your clients use the online or phone alternatives or just remain unprotected? Ask yourself these 3 questions:-
• What value do you represent to your clients in the risk advice space? • How well do you communicate your value proposition to your clients? • What differentiating risk advice strategies are you using with your clients to separate yourself from the pack? This workshop will create a paradigm shift in the way you view your clients’ personal protection packages and you will be empowered to create the same paradigm shift in the minds of your clients. Act now and help yourself create and communicate real value in your risk advice process, thereby establishing yourself as a quality risk adviser. Below is a link to some recent feedback from advisers who have attended my workshops which will give you a good idea of what outcomes you can expect. http://www.chrisunwin.com.au/pages/testimonials.html If you believe you may need a fresh approach to establishing points of differentiation, then register now.